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nomatic 30th January 2008 03:34 PM

Josephson C700S Is Amazing!!!
We just got a Josephson C700S here at the Hideout and I am blown away.......

This Mic does realism better than anything I have used (including a clean Akg C24)

The 700 is being used on drums (heart mic) Piano and Acoustic guitar with stunning


Will try to post samples in the next week when the smoke clears. (3 records and a film!!)


Fletcher 30th January 2008 05:36 PM

Yes... they are indeed incredible!!! What is even more mindblowing [or at least it was to me] is the C-720. We had one here for a couple of weeks and I have one on order for my personal collection... one of the absolutely most amazing mics I have ever used... and due to it's dual outputs [one output from each of the two diaphragms in the capsule] it's a mic that does so many things that are absolutely unattainable with any other mic I have ever used, heard, touched or smelled.

Michiel H 30th January 2008 06:59 PM

YESS!!! It's true!!

Try the C700S on a singer-songwriter with his guitar as a vocal mic in a nice room, move it away a bit to get a nice balance with the guitar (no guitar mic needed..)
Fiddle with the tracks of the different capsules and see what you say..

Tried it on upright bass??
On a whole folkband??

it is (also the C700A) one of those very rare mics that really do sound excellent on allmost anything, often without any processing in the mix.
With a good vocalist you may find you don't need compression at all.

and imagine.. there's no tube in it.. hard to imagine if you hear it next to high-end tube mics

joystick audio

nomatic 30th January 2008 08:04 PM

I had this up against a wunder cm7 today and it hangs with it as a vocal mic.
This is a desert island piece.