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Glenn Bucci 11th December 2007 03:59 AM

Rode NT55 mic
Ok I did my first test with my new Rode NT55 and I thought I would share it with you lads.

I put a GIK acoustic panel on the left and right side of the mic. I also put a piece of wood on the floor in front of the guitar. I spend some time moving the mic until I found that sweet spot. (Mic is a little bit higher than the guitar pointing down towards the sound hole angled a little from the neck towards the back of the guitar. I recorded a classical guitar with no EQ or compression.
The mic's I used was the AT 4033, and then the Rode NT55 with omni and cardioid capsules. On playback, I added a little Convolution reverb (room reverb setting)

4033: Smooth, warm, top end was not bright but more on the neutral sound.

NT55 with cardioid: It had a little more top end, it had a slightly more solid sound. Compared to the omni, more of a studio recording sound which is unnatural without effects. The reverb helped make it sound more spacious but it still lacked the open sound of the omni capsule.

NT55 with omni: It had more of a live sound, in comparison, the cardioid had more of a restricted sound. The omni was fuller, I was able to hear the freq's more on low, mid's and highs more. I was able to pick up some of the room without hearing bad reflections.

Very nice mic indeed. For more rocking acoustic guitar in a busy mix, I think the cardioid mode may be best. Any time I want to hear the fullness of the acoustic, it's a no brainer, the omni capsule.

6strings 11th December 2007 02:40 PM

Thanks. I think I'm going to pick up their omni capsule for the NT5.

bluestarbass 11th December 2007 03:59 PM

I got the omni caps for my nt5's when they came out last year. The first drum session I used them on I just put the cardiod caps on and threw them over the drum set. We wernt real happy with the sound. I switched them to omnis and they were GREAT. The omni caps make great overheads.

Carnyx 2nd January 2009 11:29 PM

I would like to listen to a recording of a violin made with the NT55 (not the NT5)

Does anybody have one please?