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suckamc 26th July 2022 12:04 AM

It’s 2022. How’s Antelope Audio’s support?
Was considering trying an Orion 32+ or 32 HD. But it’s concerning to me that the live chat and phone links on their site don’t seem to do anything.

What’s been everyone’s 2021-2022 experiences with this company and their gear?

Also how many of the chronic problems people have had with their units have been on Mac?

norbury brook 27th July 2022 09:58 AM

I just bought a Zenq and needed to some tech support in setting up their console and mic modeling software with the included mic.

They were very good and answered all my questions very thoroughly and got me up and running.

I think it was a guy called Vladimir who sorted me out , great guy.

So a +1 from me.

I'm on windows 11 and used email for our correspondence.