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31090291 26th October 2021 06:32 AM

Pulsar Modular Lunar Lander
I demoed this against all my favorite reverb and delay plugins and it blew most of them away completely. The depth and density is unreal. The modulation and saturation capabilities also add some great toneshaping options

I've got some convolution based verbs that also sound nice but a couple of instances completely decimate my cpu while this barely makes a dent. I could easily use 20 of these in a single session. Not sure what kind of coding wizardry is going on here, but its next level

Been using Pulsar p900 for a few years new and was always shocked at how much more lifelike it sounded compared to my other softsynths. Thrilled to be able to use it's internal fx on other sources now.

Pulsar Modular is definitely a company to watch. Highly recommend.