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gasolin 24th October 2021 09:33 AM

Behringer Xenyx 1002
I only use it to control gain and as a souce selector or enhancer the inputs (add more than most monitor controllers have), since i have the usually hifi stuff, cdplayer,dac from my pc (topping D10 Balanced) ,turntable (+ phonostage) and a casette deck, use mackie MR624 with roland black series balanced cable and non balanced when not needing balanced, i needed something small and reasonable priced 61 euros at

Im surprised it sounds so good, only had it for a few days, if it will last 1 month, 1 year or 10 years i don't know i just know it works really good except for a little more resistance using the balance compare to the volume, no mute for the channels you don't use (gain match and mute what you don't use the channels) it could have a larger range of the level meter(more leds like 2x8 instaead of 2x4) but usefull for not overdrive the signal,distortion, no on/off button, a power distributor with an on/off button is a cheap solution for that, if you don't want to keep it on 24/7 or keep unpluggin it every time you don't need it for a longer time, it would have been nice to have eq on all inputs,channels regardless of what yourusing it for, pa,hifi or a small live event

I don't experience any noise,nothing ratteling or any other gaps inperfection in the build quality worth mentioning

If you have the right trs, jack cable (roland black series are very reasonbale priced and sound good,haven't had so fare anything to complain about) it's a cheap alternative to an expensive new or used preamp and it sounds to me more than okay + you get warranty which you don't get for a similar priced "used" preamp