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The Press Desk 30th March 2021 04:40 PM

Novation announces Launchkey MK3 Firmware Update v1.1
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Strike a chord with the new Strum Mode for Launchkey and Launchkey Mini

Intuitive and fully integrated, Novation’s Launchkey range offers essential MIDI keyboard controllers for all skill levels and it’s now seeing its first firmware update with v1.1.

Many of these new updates have been requests from the wider community of Novation product users, added to increase creativity and create an all-around improved experience using Launchkey products.

The firmware v1.1 update introduces the new Strum Mode feature for Launchkey Mini [MK3] and Launchkey [MK3]. It’s an easy-to-use inspirational tool to help ignite that creative spark and add an extra dimension to melody making. Users can hold down notes and trigger Strum Mode by using the mod strip on the Launchkey Mini [MK3], or by using the mod wheel on the Launchkey [MK3]. Strum Mode can also be used alongside other arpeggiator modes on Launchkey devices to really ramp up their musical imagination.

As well as the addition of Strum Mode, Launchkey Mini [MK3] will receive some extra updates with v1.1. These new updates incorporate some important and functional features that have been requested by the Novation community since we launched in September 2019. These updates include adjustable pad brightness, toggled pad velocity and toggled MIDI clock output, as well as a new double-tap shift function for arp and fixed chord modes that latches the shift button to enable one-handed control of shift-modified buttons.

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joshmelo 31st March 2021 04:39 AM

Coming soon?

bummed to see my suggestion of adding note hold didn't make it.

Deleted 9d88367 31st March 2021 05:59 AM

Does anyone know (a rumor at least) is there any news on their top tier SL MKIII update?

Did SL MKIII reached end of life in software development or?

It's their workhorse keyboard yet all these latest goodies (deviation, strum, etc.) seems to never made it on to their top performing keyboards. Cheper products got them instead.

I know we're talking about different product layout here, but MKIII could use these features as well.