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StudioRhythm 20th December 2020 10:53 PM

MKII Lineariser Remote On/Off?
Hello Klaus and Frederik, thank you for doing this Q & A!

I'm considering a pair of HEDD Type 30 MKII monitors to replace the pair of Adam S2As that I've been using for the past 15 years. The speakers will be flush-mounted in the front wall of my control room, and I won't have access to the rear panel.

Will it be possible to have remote control over the Lineariser on/off function via an app, plugin, or AES signal? Also, what about remote-mounting the rear panel of the speakers to another location about 5 feet away, would that be possible?


Freddy Knop 27th December 2020 10:07 PM

Hey cool! The ADAM S2A was one of our earliest models around 2000, nice to see it is still in use here and there. Unfortunately there is no remote function in place right now, but we will keep an eye on this discussion. I am not sure about the remote mounting option, this has not been done before I think. Let me talk this through with one of our engineers early next week and I ll get back. Best, F

StudioRhythm 28th December 2020 11:49 PM

Thanks Freddy! Yes, the S2As have served me well over quite a few years, and they're still going strong.

Thanks for looking into it; if you discover that there’s a way to remote-mount the rear panel controls that’d be a great solution for my situation.