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Dirk Churlish 19th November 2020 09:04 PM

Julian Vocal Amplifier and Regina Vocal Preamplifier?
Hey Gordon! So many questions, but these most of all:

1) On the second album, Room on Fire, did you record Julian's vox through a guitar amp for every song, most songs, half of the songs, or just a few? I Can't Win vocals sound cleaner in a cool way. Was that one made with guitar amp vocals?

2) Which guitar amp was it--some kind of Fender?

3) When did Albert get his Hiwatt? Was that some time after Room on Fire or did you record it?

Gordotronic 22nd November 2020 08:14 PM

1) Every vocal sound I ever recorded with Julian was with Audio Technica 4033a (inexpensive) condenser mic, and Avalon 737 sp (tube(valve) preamp/compressor/eq). That preamp can really cook, or even cook on a moderate heat to get those kids of sounds. The first take of vocals we ever did for The Modern Age EP was thru a crappy Peavey keyboard amp... and actually 2 notes of that made it onto the final track of one songs. Never again did we try that, as Julian found it less satisfactory than the Avalon/Audio Technica combination.

2. The only guitar amps used were for the guitars, and as you might know: Fender Hot Rod Deville for both guys.

3. I never saw Albert play with a HiWatt.. sorry, can't help you there!

Dirk Churlish 22nd November 2020 08:23 PM

Wow! So it's a myth! Very cool to know. Thanks, Gordon!

Did you have any interaction with JP Bowersock, Nick Valensi's guitar guru? What/who were the loudest human personality overtones happening on records 1 & 2, either within the band or from surrounding characters during the recording?

Gordotronic 22nd December 2020 08:50 PM

JP was the guru for the whole band... a very helpful and trusted presence for all the early recordings. SO I had daily interactions with him for 7 weeks during the making of Is This It, for example. Everyone in the room: all 5 members of The Strokes, and me and JP all had loud voices that somehow cooperated together! Was it easy? no... was it fun and worthwhile? YES