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DrAudioBot 22nd January 2020 10:26 AM

PreSonus Eris E3.5
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(My review ratings are all based on the price-value ratio)

For the past couple of years I have been using JBL LSR305's at home and in the studio (just recently switched back to Yamaha's with the HS8 model for studio use). For my little home studio I felt like downgrading in size was better and also to try something else.

As soon as I connected the Eris to my computer, I was blown away by the quality. After being used to the JBL's for quiet some time, I immediately noticed that the Presonus were much more detailed and clear sounding. To be honest: upper-mid and high end detail is better than on my HS8. Smallest EQ adjustements are noticable. Boosting or cutting less than a dB on hihats or the drum buss are very audible and precise.

The size of the speakers were my only concern, when I ordered them but I quickly realized it's absolutely fine. They are big enough to do some serious work. I actually had to reduce the low end a bit on the backside (Another bonus is having high and low shelf filters), because the bass port does have quiet some energy!

They are definitely more analytical than the JBL's (which tend to have a "warm" lower mid tone...which for listening purposes is great but less good for mixing decisions. I also had translation problems in the high end with the JBL's.

Over the past few weeks I started mixes at home and transfered them to the studio to finish them on my HS8's, which works very well.

It's crazy how much quality you can buy for 100€ nowadays.

I recommend these monitors if you need something small, detailed and quiet big sounding for the actual physical size!

shank91 23rd February 2021 08:57 PM

Bought a pair today to have a second setup... I already have some Adam AX7 for studio and a pair of yamaha as well hs7 but I needed something for my living room. I really didn't expect much of them because of the cheap price (89 euros) and small size but when I heard them it was a surprise how good they sound.

Totally worth every euro :)