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arnoldorodeo 7th July 2018 01:59 PM

Artists today ?
Hi Geoff,

(I need to mention this before: You had the kindness to answer me as I wrote a letter to you five years ago about your brilliant book. I keep your manuscrite letter preciously here in my home studio so thanks again for this!)

Back to the topic :
What is your opinion about nowadays production? Are you a bit nostalgic when you look at these 60s 70s era or do you think there are many artists of today that deserve to be mentioned? Of course I speak of singers as well as producers (and sound engineers)

Once again thanks for the wonderful sonic heritage you gave to our "young" generation !!!


Geoffemerick 7th August 2018 07:42 PM

Hello Arnold, this is a hard one to answer, by email because it really worthy of a long discussion, of course there are many noteworthy Artists, producers and engineers of today and the techniques are very different from when I started. But I Still work today as far as possible as to how I used to work which is recording as near as possible everybody together, which leads most times to a better arrangement of the song and music, to me its' like making a film, plugins I rarely use, I like to create my own sounds and effects. I know this is only a sketchy answer to your question, as I said it needs a longer discussion one on one. Best Geoff

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