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Cosmic_Spaces 11th October 2017 10:26 PM

Roland D-05
Hi Danny,

I'm a huge fan and you have been my main inspiration in making my own music, so thank you for taking the time to answer all these questions!

I just got my Roland D-05 and I was wondering if you have any tips/tricks/secret knowledge that you could share besides the ones from the walkthrough you did for Roland? All my other hardware synths are analog, so it's been a bit of a learning curve in terms of programming patches myself, so any tips around that would be helpful. Also, that joystick is awesome. Really loving messing around with that!

Thanks again!

Cheers from Seattle! :)

Legowelt 12th October 2017 03:55 PM

Hello Cosmic_Spaces

Its pretty much the same concept as normal analog style subtractive synthesis in the end...4 oscs (partials) that go through a filter (if you use the saw/square waves) and some envelopes modulatable by a bunch of LFO’s. These oscs/partials can either be an analog style Square/Saw wave with PWM or one of 100 digital PCM wave sample fragments.

Some tips hmmmm…

Just concentrate on structures 1 and 6 in the beginning (1 = Synth + Synth, 6 = PCM + PCM)...start with 1 osc/partial on (mute the others)....add another slowly step by step ;)

L.A synthesis has some real deep expressive modulation possibilities - aftertouch and velocity is assignable/modulatable to a lot of stuff so a good keyboard with aftertouch and velocity is a must imo

a cool ‘hack’ to get a filter sound over the PCM waves (which don’t go through the normal TVF)by means of the parametric mid sweep EQ with some subtle nice filter effects:
Set the D50’s High EQ gain & Q to max - now you can get a mid filter-sweep effect by changing the FREQ Frequency with the joystick.