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Lvntains 10th October 2017 10:10 AM

Roland JP 8000 / 8080 VST Alternative
Hey guys!

One big question:
I found out that a Roland JP 8080 synth seems to fit perfectly into my music ideas. Can't afford one though (or can't find it second hand).

Is there any VST Synth which can emulate the 8080 in the whole? I'm not especially interested in the superwave thing, because even the other waveforms sound really good for me in this synth.

My music will be anything between oldschool Techno/Acid with modern elements and strange/alien character.

some sound examples:

Would you recommend another VST synth for this type of music? Please listen to the sound examples, it is really important to me :)
I would also be very happy if you could suggest a whole setup for reaching this versatility in his sounds!

Many many thanks to you!

HUBA 10th October 2017 11:42 PM

I don't think you'd get much of the 'synthy' sounds in these clips from a JP-80X0. You'll need something that allow for a bit more complex sound design.

Someone else would be of better help with this than me.

For strange and alien, experimenting with sampling and effects can get you far, and is essential to this kind of music IMO. Overall, putting in time and experimenting a lot is always good. Cool techno BTW :)

For JP-80X0 emulation, have you tried this?
JP6K ยป Adam Szabo | Official Website