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jigdagod 1st July 2017 03:29 AM

Do you have a particular routine when you're mixing? Do you approach them all in the same way or does it depend on the song?

JoelHamilton_ 7th July 2017 03:50 AM

For sure it depends on the song-
I do always start by listening and just pushing the faders around a lot. A lot.
Then I just make smaller and smaller moves after figuring out what makes the song really tick.
It's funny. Sometimes you can mute tire elements and the song holds up-- like muting the big drums and it still feels good as a song.
Or muting the guitar and bass and it's just vocals and snare and it STILL works--- so you figure out what's actually telling the story and then build around those elements. Finding the "DNA" of the song informs all the subsequent moves.

JoelHamilton_ 7th July 2017 04:03 AM

Also I sit in front of the console and drink a LOT of tea and chant "just ****ing Beat BRAUER..."
Thats almost every time.