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MegWhitley 17th June 2017 02:25 AM

Punch Brothers
Firstly, thank you for your time; I'm a big fan of your work.

Can you please describe your approach to tracking a group like Punch Brothers? (Mics, live vs overdubs, placing the musicians in the room)

What effects were used on the record?

Thanks again!

mischultz 18th June 2017 01:41 AM

I'll second. Who's Feeling Young Now is sublime, along with Ahoy! (same session, I think?). Any thoughts or recollections about harnessing the emotional velocity (the swell in the chorus vocal on Don't Get Married Without Me, the sway of Another New World and the glorious surge at the end) would be most welcome. You can feel the change of weight without the mechanism itself (if there is one) being apparent.

Thanks for the music, and best wishes -


jacquireking 18th June 2017 02:05 PM

Thanks for the positives here... Please see my reply yesterday to the "Creating Space" where I basically wrote about this... If I left something out let me know... Best wishes