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IdiotStick 10th November 2015 08:50 PM

Escape the Fate - For Critique
This was written a few weeks ago and I am working on the music now. Would appreciate any feedback. I hear this as heavy rock a la Motley Crue.

Thanks in advance! Fire Away!

Escape the Fate
Unpublished Work, Copyright © R. Dobbins

Verse 1:
Nothing’s easy, nothing’s free
It’s all been stolen by the president’s men
Lost for nothing, let’s agree
They’ve taken everything that’s ever been

Verse 2:
Got no money, got no home
I’ve just been riding on an endless high
Won’t be hassled, drink alone
Not gonna stop until the whiskey runs dry

Escape the fate
Before it’s too late
It’s not an illusion
Or a $hitty mistake
From that ball of confusion
Make a clean break
And escape the fate
Escape the fate

Verse 3:
Look for heaven, find a crook
Don’t need no part of community greed
Keep your freedom, don’t get took
Just get hooked up with some devil’s weed

Verse 4:
So let’s wander, let’s all breathe
The day is coming when it’s overturned
Don’t give in, don’t believe
Just walk away and watch the money burn

[To Chorus]

There’s no story, there’s no news
Just denial and some useless clues
Tit’s in the wringer, ass in a sling
Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring

[To Chorus]

From that ball of confusion
Lost in red tape
Make a clean break
And Escape the fate