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9th May 2017 Views: 18,438
Views: 18,438
9th May 2017
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Presonus support sucks and I would like to get that out there. I get only the same guy who is called XXX and I put his name out...

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shnootre 5 hours ago
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New features overview Recording and Mixing • Redesigned hardware controls gain-phase-48V on mixer channels for...

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jojofun 16 hours ago
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Hi. I’ve never used the tracking with plugins in studio one ( use UAD or HW usually ) and want to give it a go. What...

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darkinners 3 days ago
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I placed a number of .colorscheme files I downloaded from the Presonus Exchange, into the Presets folder for Studio One... but...

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brucerothwell 5 days ago
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Just got the email from Presonus.

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hello people 5 days ago
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Does anyone know how to drop down markers at specific times instead of at specific bars? I am working on an audio book, so the...

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Glo 1 week ago
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Howdy folks, Anybody seen this before? Thought I'd check here before I start jumping down rabbit holes. Thanks, H

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MuleHeRo 1 week ago
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After two days of reading I am not able to understand the various meters and their scales in Studio One 3.5. I think that I...

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GeorgeG 2 weeks ago
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Hey folks, have a dual video/audio production set-up. I use a BenQ monitor connected to the computer via Thunderbolt and a...

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ihdmedia 2 weeks ago
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Folks, I'm taking my first foray into recording and I'm already drowning. How do I use Helix Native with Studio One Artist 5....

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anthmc 2 weeks ago
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Something I'm not sure if I'm imagining... I drag the stock EQ onto a channel while listening. I can't put my finger on what...

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FNM 3 weeks ago
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I'm pretty sure I remember one of the features that V5 promised was a floating marker view window kind of like PT has. Has...

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xmission 4 weeks ago
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Hi guys, Has 5.2 added dual mono capability? I know you can use the Splitter but can you load a single stereo plugin in as...

Ol' Betsey
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Ol' Betsey 4 weeks ago
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Hi Everyone, When I use the transform audio function on Studio One to bounce a midi track (for example, if I had a Kontakt...

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Glo 10th March 2021
Avatar for Niclas.G

Im trying to figure out if what Presonus claim is true - that the Fat Channel is an amazing emulation model State Space...

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Niclas.G 10th March 2021
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***PLEASE IGNORE! I AM A FIRST CLASS IDIOT! I INSTALLED S1 VERSION 1!!! WHAT A CLOWN!!*** tupid question, almost certainly. I...

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Adamamam 7th March 2021
Avatar for insider9

The info isn't easy to find. Anyone has any thoughts as to what's the better deal? I've only got Studio One Pro few weeks ago and...

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Scardanelli 6th March 2021
Avatar for 2cthetruth

Can anyone please tell me how to get good levels from the usb out on the mtk 22 into studio one? I cannot get an acceptable noise...

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Avatar for raphh
raphh 5th March 2021
Avatar for GRiFF

Recently subsribed to the KUSH plugins package but having trouble instantiating/un-instantiating in Studio One 5 Pro. Seems to...

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insider9 4th March 2021
Avatar for Nikolaos

Here is a video showing a ruined recording of guitar. It is a MID-SIDE recording. The problem is discovered after the did because...

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Nikolaos 3rd March 2021
Avatar for lossleader

Hello I have a question about the low latency mode in Studio One that seems to be working opposite of how it should...

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Avatar for RyanC
RyanC 25th February 2021
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Quetz 23rd February 2021
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pls del! problem solved rockout

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pablometal 22nd February 2021
Avatar for drmeatball

Apologies for both being a noob and the first post. I am having a terrible time getting my Behringer Motor 49 working with...

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Avatar for TheSingingDrumr
TheSingingDrumr 15th February 2021
Avatar for easyrider

Tonight I’ve Been playing with Macros....if you have a tablet lying about I urge you to use Studio One remote... I created...

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easyrider 9th February 2021
Avatar for 5StringAssassin

I recently purchased the All Access Native bundle from McDSP, and while I enjoy the plugins very much, they are causing a ton of...

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Avatar for rectape
rectape 29th January 2021
Avatar for xmission

I've got a song that I have a send going out to an FX buss with just a decapitator on it. It's out of phase. I was able to...

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xmission 28th January 2021
Avatar for Dave east

Has anyone gotten this? I am thinking about getting this, and rolling in with this.

Dave east
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David Carlyon 20th January 2021
Avatar for muziksculp

Presonus Studio One Pro 5.1 Released today. Release Notes New features and improvements: Recording and...

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Avatar for hello people
hello people 18th January 2021
Avatar for zigacesen1

Hi, I'm buying my first DAW and I was wondering which one I should buy. I'm more drawn to S1 but I heard it lacks some...

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Avatar for ozinga
ozinga 4th January 2021
Avatar for lossleader

Hey just wondering if anyone on here uses MixFX a lot and if so what kind of CPU can handle it. I have a i5-7500 and although I...

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lossleader 3rd January 2021
Avatar for MikeAGV

Hey everyone, i recently bought a new macbook pro i9, with 16gb ram and 1TB ssd. Now i'm having lag issues on studio one like...

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lossleader 3rd January 2021
Avatar for hello people

Hi, There's a function in Studio One where, if you were inclined, you could mix and master a song then import the stereo file...

hello people
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Avatar for Red Black
Red Black 2nd January 2021
Avatar for zitto

Hi Guys. Could somebody please explain me what is going on with my Studio One. I am getting cpu overload in Studio One but when i...

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Avatar for razorboy
razorboy 27th December 2020
Avatar for hello people

Say I'm tracking a guitar solo with S-Gear amp sim inserted on the track. I play the first half of the solo but make a mistake in...

hello people
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Avatar for hello people
hello people 19th December 2020
Avatar for vitocorleone123

I'm a new S1 user coming from Tracktion. Routing in Tracktion is super easy and super convenient. To me. Just about anything can...

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Avatar for Quetz
Quetz 18th December 2020
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Avatar for nyrizzie
nyrizzie 17th December 2020
Avatar for Raed Abu Shaer

Hello everyone! I have been a Pro Tools/Logic user for the past 5 years, and I do find that each has it's own strength...

Raed Abu Shaer
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Avatar for olsontex
olsontex 13th December 2020
Avatar for PBontempi

Hello everybody, I'm doing some research about the functions you can find in a DAW that can help you while composing or...

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PBontempi 1st December 2020
Avatar for gearsuser

Hi everyone, how can I reorder my 'scatchpads' ? e.g. I created a verse- and then a break- and then a chorus- scatchpad....

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insider9 30th November 2020
Avatar for Bravin Neff

I'm still on V4.6. Like many folks, I save date-stamped copies of my working song files as I am progressing through a mix, as...

Bravin Neff
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Avatar for Quetz
Quetz 24th November 2020
Avatar for insider9

Is anyone else experiencing this. Had to manually download 5.1.1 update. Feed won't update. Soundcloud is also won't connect. My...

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insider9 23rd November 2020
Avatar for AlainK

Hello All, I am a professional hypnotist. For the last 8 years, I have been making and selling custom tracks, with only Sound...

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Avatar for Quetz
Quetz 23rd November 2020
Avatar for fairchildren

When does presonus usually start doing the black friday/cyber monday deals?

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Avatar for rwandering
rwandering 21st November 2020
Avatar for muziksculp

Version 5.1.1 Release Notes (November 17, 2020) Please note: - Make sure that your 3rd party plug-ins are updated to the...

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Avatar for muziksculp
muziksculp 17th November 2020
Avatar for gearsuser

Hi, I'm still on Studio One Pro 3 and wanted to take a look at 5 before upgrading. I can't seem to find a simple Pro 5 download...

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Avatar for gearsuser
gearsuser 17th November 2020
Avatar for fairchildren

What is the best setup and way to get the program running smooth and getting all the unnecessary stuff off the main screen?

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Avatar for insider9
insider9 1st November 2020
Avatar for Quetz

Hi folks, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, QMap V2 is born cooge All the V2 files, Bomes MT Player installers and...

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Avatar for Quetz
Quetz 25th October 2020
Avatar for Polarelch

I am currently considering moving from Ableton back to Studio One, because the arrangement view in Ableton is so poor, and Logic...

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Avatar for Keyplayer
Keyplayer 24th October 2020
Avatar for aligak

I have Studio One 3 Pro. The upgrade price is $150. I didn't upgrade to 4 because it seemed more like an update as opposed to a...

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Avatar for aligak
aligak 23rd October 2020