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10th February 2021 Views: 37
Views: 37
10th February 2021
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From RØDE Selecting the right space for podcasting / Vlogging. hrxtDjtKH4c Choosing a mic for podcasting /...

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Jules 2nd April 2020
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Hi, I want to breakout and record the headset (ear/mic) audio on a TRRS connector. I need to record inbound and outbound...

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S21 6 days ago
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During lockdown my office has been using Teams to communicate and it's really blown me away how good the audio latency is in...

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Videographics 1 week ago
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Goodnight. I already posted this thread on another Gearslutz subforum, but with no responses, I think this is a better place...

nave mastering
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jaddie 2 weeks ago
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I thought people might be interested in my Serato DJ Pro DVS/Ableton Live/Resolume setup for Twitch DJing. I have built this...

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wordswords 2 weeks ago
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Hi! I need help figuring out a perfect digital setup for my complex needs for online teaching. However, it may not be as easy to...

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semur01 2 weeks ago
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Check out GroundControl CubeGroundControl A new virtual audio driver, a great tool for live stream and podcast makers.

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Mac_proxy3 3 weeks ago
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Hello guys, First of all thank you for all the great content in the forum it really has helped me learn a lot. I have a...

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mikeraz 3 weeks ago
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howdy Hey guys, I'm using a Shure SM7B with an MKIII Gap PRE-73 and a Focusrite Scarlett 3rd gen (USB -> computer) to record...

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JJChance 3 weeks ago
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Can anyone explain to me why there are no bluetooth lavalier/clip on mics for smartphones? I see cameracrews for newspapers and...

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noah330 3 weeks ago
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So - i'm in the market for a dynamic microphone which will be used in an untreated room for conference calls and some streaming....

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Stewix 4 weeks ago
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I would really appreciate some advice as having spent a gazzilion hours watching/reading I still don't feel confident making a...

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benfrain 2nd April 2021
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Hi everybody! So I'm experimenting with a new setup and this is the situation. Shure SM57 + Fethead + Steinberg UR44 (50% of...

Lorenzo 769
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gearstudent 1st April 2021
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Hey all. Wanted to let you know there's a new episode of From The West Barn podcast featuring UK engineer, Phill Brown. In the...

shack jonz
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shack jonz 25th March 2021
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I'm trying to isolate sound from a youtube video using ableton to use for playback during a podcast. Does anyone know how I can...

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Muser 24th March 2021
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Hi, I am trying to record video and audio simultaneously on an iPhone with an external interface. I have been using a 2 channel...

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omphalopsychos 20th March 2021
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So. I have previously gotten some valuable and good advices from this wonderful community, which i am very grateful for. After...

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Bunny Gordon 18th March 2021
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Guys, I do a ton of voice over work and have been in pursuit of trying to find the cleanest signal possible. I have a Heil PR-40...

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Nado82 18th March 2021
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Hi, folks, my first post in this particular forum... I've been thinking of doing some videos where I play multiple parts, and...

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lordradish 17th March 2021
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What DAW is most commonly used for podcasting? Would Pro Tools be the one for the biggest companies?

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jaddie 17th March 2021
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I'm desperate to find a mic/headphone combo that can plug into the miniplug of my MacBook Pro and which features hardware--i.e....

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RKrizman 16th March 2021
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Hi all. I am looking for a new interface to 'power' my DBX 286s, as my current one (Audient iD4) seems to be incompatible with...

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jaddie 15th March 2021
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Hi guys, has anyone had a problem with the capsule of SM7b smelling... slightly off? I don't know how else to describe the...

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micmike 15th March 2021
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I've been using a Q2U for streaming for about 2 years now, but ended up damaging the USB port on it, rendering it useless as a...

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justin22885 14th March 2021
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Hi! I'm sorry if this isn't the right place, I'm looking for advice on updating our streaming setup. I stream with my wife,...

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Bushman 14th March 2021
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I am new to live streaming but have been doing live sound for years. Anyway, I did a test run on FB live last night and the end...

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Soundguyjt 13th March 2021
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Hello, new here! I'm having a super annoying Crackling issue with my Audient ID4 Interface. Whenever I begin to record audio...

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XanderBaatz 11th March 2021
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Hello audiophiles. I am looking for an audio interface / mixer that is able to run DSP plugins (EQ, compression, limiter etc.)...

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XanderBaatz 11th March 2021
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Anyone with experience using MixPre 3ii and/or MixPre 6ii? I’ve been on the fence about which of these to purchase for way too...

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blwatlongwood 10th March 2021
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Hello, I would like to know which online video platforms allow live streaming with stereo sound without subscription. Thank...

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JeremiahHoeks 9th March 2021
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We have the pleasure to hear from Chris Connaker the founder of Audiophile Style (Computer Audiophile) on how and why he...

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jtwrace 5th March 2021
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I am a voice actor and I have been fighting with the same problem for over a year that no one can identify. A lot of people say...

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Deleted fe72b385f72c012 5th March 2021
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Hi, I intend to collaborate with a few artists however the only way we can work together at the moment is through zoom/skype....

Ishaan Kunwar
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pipelineaudio 4th March 2021
Avatar for jayberg

I have a Desktop PC setup with DSLR for video but working on audio bit to for high quality Zoom calls with important clients,...

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Newmann 2nd March 2021
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We are a small student web radio renewing the software. We are currently working at Linus system. All the equipment is from...

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jaddie 2nd March 2021
Avatar for Teeks

I've done some googling but can't find a clear answer on this. I uploaded a video a while back and either the audio on the...

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Malcolm Boyce 28th February 2021
Avatar for OnTheRocks

Hello, I am looking for an audiointerface, that will mainly be used for the following applications: - live streaming...

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facej 25th February 2021
Avatar for Charb

I'm doing online English lessons and would like professional sounding audio captured via a Scarlett 2i2. I have already tried...

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TVPostSound 25th February 2021
Avatar for patgeds22

Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to get laugh, applause, crickets tracks to use on ableton for a podcast. Could anyone point me...

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DirkP 21st February 2021
Avatar for TheAARPGs_Nathan

Hi All, So, I'm recording a 6-person podcast and I'm trying to streamline my workflow by routing individual stream audio...

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Avatar for Fuseburn
Fuseburn 20th February 2021
Avatar for Anthony4Audio

Hello All! I am planning to try and shoot a video with my iphone 6s set up on a tripod at my home and am running into trouble...

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Newmann 19th February 2021
Avatar for The0

Hi everyone, I am a voice actor and I was wondering if you could help me improve the quality of my recordings. I have attached...

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Newmann 16th February 2021
Avatar for michigander

Hey there! I hope I'm posting this in an okay place. I've been recording a lot of acoustic cover videos for YouTube, and...

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emenelton 13th February 2021
Avatar for Decumulate

Hi everyone. Quick question for anyone who has experience with this intriguing product. It seems perfect for recording, and...

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Avatar for DirkP
DirkP 12th February 2021
Avatar for efrob

I work for a podcast that has been around since 2017 and we've updated some of the gear once. The host now uses a Heil PR40 with...

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DirkP 12th February 2021
Avatar for CAL.

All of a sudden one of my tracks is being played 20-30 times a day by one user I hate this because I can't gauge genuine plays...

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CAL. 11th February 2021
Avatar for Leucio

Hi folks, I' m new to the forum (and to the game :) ), I' m planning an educational youtube channel and I' d like to have great...

replies: 5 views: 363
Avatar for jaddie
jaddie 11th February 2021
Avatar for Ktc98

Hi, I'm looking for some advice and recommendations on a setup. I know there's lots of general recommendations but nobody's...

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Avatar for LewisWu
LewisWu 11th February 2021
Avatar for DeafDumbBlind

Hi there, We do these video webinars/conferences with clients at work, and our "studio" is 2 rooms. One room is...

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Avatar for MajorNoteStudio
MajorNoteStudio 11th February 2021
Avatar for Recording David

Hey folks: this is a support question really, for my Facebook Live sessions. The broadcasts are getting audio in the left channel...

Recording David
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MrKahuna 8th February 2021
Avatar for skyace888

Hello audio experts! I recently picked up a Saramonic UwMic9 single wireless lav system to use with my Nikon Z6 II for video...

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Avatar for Newmann
Newmann 5th February 2021