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We are looking for a TikTok-er The job would be to create, original, custom content just for Gearspace..:cowbell: Please...

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Jules 4th February 2022
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From RØDE Selecting the right space for podcasting / Vlogging. hrxtDjtKH4c Choosing a mic for podcasting /...

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Jules 2nd April 2020
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I have a client who is interested in getting a podcast setup and, in particular, one of THESE multi-mic stands. Any opinion on...

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Sunshy 4 days ago
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Since the mic came out a month ago, it has limited but glowing discussion. However, the people “reviewing” it are clearly...

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Sunshy 4 days ago
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Recently I made a post for mic recommendations, I was looking to upgrade my voice over setup and after consulting a Sweetwater...

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TVPostSound 6 days ago
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I recently got an upgrade to my voice over setup, I got an RE27 mic and a Black Lion Audio Revolution 2x2. I also picked up a...

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David W. Jones 1 week ago
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Hi all, I used a new pair of lav mics (the Rode ones that seems to be almost designed for the Go) with my two wireless Go MK1s...

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Hannes_F 1 week ago
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Hi all - looking for some assistance. My setup is mainly used for podcasting/streaming and also voice over work (technical...

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Airon 1 week ago
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Hi folks, I often find myself quietly perusing through gearspace threads when hunting for audio tips and info. So much great...

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Newmann 2 weeks ago
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It seems this sub forum is pretty dead, so not sure I’ll get any replies. I need a mic I can walk around with. I have a deep...

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Reve Vague 3 weeks ago
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Hey guys, wondering if it is possible to get a defective RE20. I recently purchased an RE20 black and have noticed how high the...

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Bushman 4 weeks ago
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Hi all, i've just bought a Volt 1 audio interface in order to record voice over , audio books etc. I've installed the Volt...

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JLast 4 weeks ago
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I just got a Shure A81WS windscreen to pop on my SM57 mic to get a much cleaner audio in terms of plosives, and it does the job...

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MAXX VADA 19th December 2022
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Hey there… Just fast and simply question…. I have D&R Vision mixer without individual outs. But with Control Room and...

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Henryfoster 16th December 2022
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I had the opportunity tonight to record on some new hardware for a podcast. An interesting, negative thing came to light that...

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TVPostSound 7th December 2022
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Hi All, I'm excited to share a year-long project to explore spatial audio for narrative podcasts in close partnership with...

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spleenless 28th November 2022
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Hi, all. So I'm both a musician and I also do voiceover narration. I've recently switched from using my singing mic (a...

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PianoGPod 22nd November 2022
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Hi All, I Have just done a YouTube Promo for a friend, Was trying a Basic Mic set up and it worked well, Shure SM58 , the...

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mbvoxx 19th November 2022
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The Daily Adventures of Mixerman Podcast I posted this story, in real time, to the delight of over 150,000 music professionals...

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sourpatch 17th November 2022
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Hi all, Apologies for bothering you, I'm at my wits end. Bought the Audient iD44 MKII. Can get no output , can hear digital...

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Poddcaster 9th November 2022
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I currently have an M-Audio USB interface that’s giving me annoying “glitching sounds” and decided to replace it as M-Audio...

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SdeGat 20th October 2022
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I have the Shure KSM32 For voiceovers for production making radio tv spots. And i want to upgrade it. Someone told me for tlm103...

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chessparov2.0 18th October 2022
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Hi there! I don't know if this is the right place to post this, so apologies in advance. About 9 months ago I purchased a...

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s.d.finley 18th October 2022
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Hello. I have been having an issue where during my podcasts I have been getting some sort of electrical interference which has...

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mithian 1st October 2022
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Hey everyone. My buddy Joe West and myself have a new podcast called From The West Barn that we record here in Nashville, TN. ...

shack jonz
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Sonic heaven 1st October 2022
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I have already had some quality music videos done for previous projects... most of which I've ended up being involved with, and...

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denstrow 28th September 2022
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This is sort of a weird post. A friend of mine has been making videos and still photos of extraterrestrial and unexplained...

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StricklandSD 28th September 2022
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I have a Sony A6000 DLSR as my main Camera. I capture from that, to Mac, via a HDMI > USB capture card. The audio is captured...

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chelgrian 27th September 2022
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I was struggling to meet ACX RMS guidelines for submission. I finally realized RX measures RMS 3 db lower than Audacity. ACX...

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Storm Mastering 12th September 2022
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Hey guys, I've never been a poster; always been a lurker since I used to do a lot of stuff with FXpansion and BFD around 2007!...

Jacques Mathias
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Jacques Mathias 9th September 2022
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Hello Everyone, Blue KineMaster Pro Video Editor is not only an excellent video editor but also has excellent audio editing...

Grace Ob
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Grace Ob 27th August 2022
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Hey guys, I’m a singer/songwriter and I’d like to learn how to post videos of me playing while the sound quality is like a...

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David W. Jones 12th August 2022
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I am new to live streaming but have been doing live sound for years. Anyway, I did a test run on FB live last night and the end...

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logichead 5th August 2022
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Hello, Im looking for a professional tutorial or online course for broadcasting eq. Thanx

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Alechko 4th August 2022
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In trying to get comments turned on for my "Artist Track" songs placed in youtube by Distrokid, I think I finally...

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boombapdame 2nd August 2022
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Hi all, I have a question concerning drawing people who listen to your music when it is shared by another party. Last...

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guildorf 19th July 2022
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Hi All, I've been doing some research into how I can best setup an audio chain for live streaming, live podcasting, etc. on my...

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David W. Jones 19th July 2022
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I’m searching for a set of headphones for my dad. He’s starting a podcast. Will THESE do

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BuyMy809 10th July 2022
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Hi- I need to provide live mixed audio to a zoom call. I’ve got the mics running into an interface/Logic Pro. Then the...

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David W. Jones 5th July 2022
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Hello, I just recently was hired to engineer a radio show and podcast (they're one and the same). This show has a nice...

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MrKahuna 1st July 2022
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I’m seeking a stereo headset + boom mic for streaming and live singer-songwriter performance, something like Audio-Technica...

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Newmann 18th June 2022
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Hi everyone, I am a voice actor, and I am trying to improve my skills. This time, specifically talking about sound...

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The0 18th June 2022
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I just got into podcasting making woodworking videos I am impressed with the kind of picture my iPhone 12 produces. I would like...

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DirkP 14th June 2022
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Just wanted to throw this out there for folks evaluating the TLM102 in this type of a...

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pencilextremist 20th May 2022
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I need a Power supply with USB power that can feed an external recorder like the Zoom Q8 camera and pass on the video and audio...

Mikael B
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Mikael B 5th May 2022
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I have an old Shure PG48, visibly used but it seems to work fine (I say "seems" because I never actually had it new, so...

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Bushman 3rd May 2022
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Hey folks, I was wondering if you could help me out. I have just ordered an IK Multimedia IRig Stream to stream live gigs...

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J.Good 10th April 2022
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I'm not a fan of Facebook, but was thinking of setting up a new account because I'm getting more into making videos for YouTube...

Deleted 91769da
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theblue1 1st April 2022
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Hello! Does anyone know what type of lighting set up would replicate these Angelina Jolie interviews? I'm new to this and any...

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london21 18th March 2022
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I'm looking to mic options for streaming and conference calls in a small space (400sqft studio apartment) with high potential for...

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ormus 3rd March 2022
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What Lav mic do we have out there that connects directly to iPhone for ASMR? Thank you.

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Reve Vague 28th February 2022
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Hi. Could use advice on live streaming and audio quality. A friend has a live Youtube "gig" every week. Lots of live...

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Bribedant 22nd February 2022