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From RØDE Selecting the right space for podcasting / Vlogging. hrxtDjtKH4c Choosing a mic for podcasting /...

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Jules 2nd April 2020
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What do you think about Rode Procaster in this Bret Weinstein video? How do you think it...

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travisperkins 1 hour ago
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Hi I am new to this forum and wondered if someone could help me. I have a Rode Procaster and a Shure SM7B Mic. My set up with...

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travisperkins 1 hour ago
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You can hear in the example there's a strange rhythmic popping in the audio, I have no idea where it's coming from, but it's not...

Media Galaxy LLC
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slainbabyyc 2 days ago
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I'll be recording a podcast (audio only) with another person co-hosting who's in another country, so we'll be doing it over Zoom...

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rezident 2 days ago
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Hi everyone, I am a small YouTuber and I want to make video street interviews (i.e., asking questions related to my niche among...

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slainbabyyc 5 days ago
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Hi All, I do voiceovers for tech videos and am looking to up my game from my present setup. Currently have: - Yeti Blue USB mic...

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chessparov2.0 5 days ago
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Greetings. I'm looking for a filter or tool that can remove the music from a live audio source (e.g., a NASA TV broadcast), while...

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tinydog 2 weeks ago
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Hello, I am doing podcasts, with an Audio Tecnica 2020 mic and a Yamaha AG03 mixer, but I cannot keep the mic too close to my...

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TVPostSound 2 weeks ago
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I have an old Shure PG48, visibly used but it seems to work fine (I say "seems" because I never actually had it new, so...

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Papanate 2 weeks ago
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I want start podcasting. So I'm thinking for remote recording a Zoom H8. For studio a Zoom Live track L8. Any and all...

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Progger 2 weeks ago
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Hi, folks, my first post in this particular forum... I've been thinking of doing some videos where I play multiple parts, and...

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sirjuxtable 2 weeks ago
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My blackout Electrovoice RE20 I use has great sound quality. I love using it, but lately I've been picking up A LOT of background...

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gzoohkitchens 2 weeks ago
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Hey folks: this is a support question really, for my Facebook Live sessions. The broadcasts are getting audio in the left channel...

Recording David
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Recording David 3 weeks ago
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Hi Bros, I'm not a professional podcaster but I love recording podcasts. I need a mic isolation booth for ease to record....

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sirjuxtable 3 weeks ago
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I am an absolute beginner in the audio space. So this is probably why you will see obvious ignorance and a lot of wrong...

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slainbabyyc 4 weeks ago
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For those live streaming and recording with a Shure SM7B how have you set up your EQ? I ordered an SM7B and plan to use it for...

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dylanmitchell 4 weeks ago
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Does anyone own an RE20 and a Rodecaster and use the RE20 preset on it? If so, do you use the RE20 with the hi-pass filter switch...

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Mystic38 17th August 2021
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How's it going? I want to build a setup for a video podcast. The plan is to create a Joe Rogan Experience-style video podcast...

Hip Hop Head
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Mystic38 13th August 2021
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Hey, I am recording myself talking and have a really bad sound quality. I already treated my room and built 6 wall-heigh...

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pettah93 12th August 2021
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I've done some googling but can't find a clear answer on this. I uploaded a video a while back and either the audio on the...

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Sabovic Adis 1st August 2021
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Which one(s) are you Slutz using for vlogging, streaming, Instagram and/or YouTube videos and I need some recommendations under...

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Reve Vague 31st July 2021
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Hey guys, I’m a singer/songwriter and I’d like to learn how to post videos of me playing while the sound quality is like a...

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Reve Vague 31st July 2021
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Hi guys, this is my first post in a forum ever. Yeah I don't know what to do, this is my last shot. I'm doing all of this for...

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jan_vonborstel 30th July 2021
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Hi all, currently trying to restore some zoom call audio for a podcast. As Spectral Recovery is only part of Izotope RX8...

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tomteontour 30th July 2021
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I am new to live streaming but have been doing live sound for years. Anyway, I did a test run on FB live last night and the end...

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randomkat 27th July 2021
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So I do commentary/narration/video essay like content on YouTube, and I saved enough enough that I wanted to upgrade to a...

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Bushman 22nd July 2021
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Hi. I am running a Presonus Studiolive and doing a video cast. Been using Sony MDR-7506 for years for two people. However, I'd...

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Chris_G 6th July 2021
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Hello, word on the street is that my live-streaming sound is a bit thin, and could be improved. Here's the...

Jathon Delsy
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MrKahuna 2nd July 2021
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Hi, I'd appreciate hearing your opinion. I'm considering to start using a dynamic equalizer to set a permanent de-esser in my...

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carloscadu 24th June 2021
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howdy Hey guys, I'm using a Shure SM7B with an MKIII Gap PRE-73 and a Focusrite Scarlett 3rd gen (USB -> computer) to record...

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jaddie 19th June 2021
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My girlfriend and I do weekly streams and I'm looking for an analog audio setup I can literally set and forget. This is what we...

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jaddie 19th June 2021
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Hello! I am recording youtube / instagram videos using my smartphone. It would be very handy for me to record all the sound...

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Bugagash 16th June 2021
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I've been using a Q2U for streaming for about 2 years now, but ended up damaging the USB port on it, rendering it useless as a...

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XHipHop 12th June 2021
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I’m using RX8 Advanced to edit the audio of an interview. The guest’s audio ended up about 15-18 dB lower than the host’s...

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DirkP 12th June 2021
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Can anyone explain to me why there are no bluetooth lavalier/clip on mics for smartphones? I see cameracrews for newspapers and...

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loujudson 3rd June 2021
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Hello, the simpliest is to plug soundcard OUTs to a second PC with OBS & DONE. but, is it possible with only this PC...

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lunecha 17th May 2021
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I am a voice actor and I have been fighting with the same problem for over a year that no one can identify. A lot of people say...

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Muser 11th May 2021
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Hi, I want to breakout and record the headset (ear/mic) audio on a TRRS connector. I need to record inbound and outbound...

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S21 2nd May 2021
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During lockdown my office has been using Teams to communicate and it's really blown me away how good the audio latency is in...

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Videographics 26th April 2021
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Goodnight. I already posted this thread on another Gearslutz subforum, but with no responses, I think this is a better place...

nave mastering
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jaddie 22nd April 2021
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I thought people might be interested in my Serato DJ Pro DVS/Ableton Live/Resolume setup for Twitch DJing. I have built this...

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wordswords 21st April 2021
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Hi! I need help figuring out a perfect digital setup for my complex needs for online teaching. However, it may not be as easy to...

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semur01 21st April 2021
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Check out GroundControl CubeGroundControl A new virtual audio driver, a great tool for live stream and podcast makers.

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Mac_proxy3 16th April 2021
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Hello guys, First of all thank you for all the great content in the forum it really has helped me learn a lot. I have a...

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mikeraz 13th April 2021
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So - i'm in the market for a dynamic microphone which will be used in an untreated room for conference calls and some streaming....

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Stewix 7th April 2021
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I would really appreciate some advice as having spent a gazzilion hours watching/reading I still don't feel confident making a...

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benfrain 2nd April 2021
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Hi everybody! So I'm experimenting with a new setup and this is the situation. Shure SM57 + Fethead + Steinberg UR44 (50% of...

Lorenzo 769
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gearstudent 1st April 2021
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Hey all. Wanted to let you know there's a new episode of From The West Barn podcast featuring UK engineer, Phill Brown. In the...

shack jonz
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shack jonz 25th March 2021
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I'm trying to isolate sound from a youtube video using ableton to use for playback during a podcast. Does anyone know how I can...

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Muser 24th March 2021
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Hi, I am trying to record video and audio simultaneously on an iPhone with an external interface. I have been using a 2 channel...

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omphalopsychos 20th March 2021