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ONLY STUDIO BUILD PHOTO THREADS IN THIS FORUM PLEASE!!! Post questions in the other sub forums please..

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Jules 5th February 2008
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Hey, a few people suggested I should start a thread documenting my studio build, so here I am howdy I have been filming videos...

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Pies 3 days ago
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Long time lurker here. I've been building a personal studio over the last few years and eventually started a blog. I thought I...

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Helvetica 6 days ago
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Hello, my name is Alex, and I’d like to share my drum room build. But first, a little background: I started playing drums...

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Paistemage 1 week ago
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Any advice on what to do w this room treatment wise? mainly tracking vox, elec gtr - via amp/mics/pre amps and mixing in it....

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Hyep 3 weeks ago
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Thought it would be fun to share the building of our Atmos facility here in Vancouver, BC. Completed in spring 2020 (just in time...

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Doogie Howser 24th October 2022
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Now we have demolished a wall in the studio and will expand the large recording room a bit and build a vocal booth I hope you...

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Berndalen 21st October 2022
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Hello friends. I've been meaning to post some pictures of my studio build for some time now and I finally got around to...

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mesavox 20th October 2022

Hello everyone, I have decided to open this thread, because I know how interesting this stuff is, especially if you are...

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KAZ RECORDING 19th October 2022
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Hello everybody, since the last 4 years, I've been on a project with 13 other guys, to buy an old military fort, which homed...

Storm Mastering
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BogaNet 17th October 2022
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This is the future location of a new facility for music recording and film sound post, located in Portugal, near Lisbon....

infimo studios
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molos 22nd September 2022
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howdy Hearty "Howzit" From South Africa! (Howzit, is a local SA slang word for : Hello/Welcome/Greetings) Well it...

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dogzy67 22nd September 2022
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I know this is very specific to each space so I decided to create a new post with pictures of my build. If anyone has any...

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NarratorNick 18th September 2022
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Hi all, I've recently completed the last details of a new ground up Thomas Jouanjean / Northward Acoustics designed FTB mastering...

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JLaPointe 8th September 2022
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Greetings, I'm currently working through my build which was started (planning-wise) around the beginning of 2017. I started a...

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ACSlater 19th August 2022
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What is the best sounding recording studio or room in England to record drums? This thread is gonna follow a build, from the...

[email protected]
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shortyedwards 20th July 2022
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Hi guys, I just bought a Whisper Room and my home is on a raised foundation with wood floors. No one lives below me but I...

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LASongwriter 11th July 2022
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Took me the better part of 15 years to get here, but I'm finally building my own space. The project:...

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Brian M. Boykin 19th June 2022
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Hiya! I'm a guy with ADHD and way too many hobbies. But my #1 interest since I've been a kid has been laptop music production. I...

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judyio 23rd May 2022
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Hi everybody, So after years of being inspired by some of the great threads in this forum, I’m finally starting my own...

Joao B.
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Joao B. 11th May 2022
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Starting on a build from the floor up. We bought a place where I can use the entire downstairs and so it begins. I have plans for...

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chaosium 30th March 2022
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Hi all, First of all, sorry for the novella below. I'll try and keep further posts more succinct. I've been mastering full...

Hippocratic Mastering
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low_z 13th March 2022
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After much deliberation, I'm selling my 4000 square foot home/studio space and am going to live in a bus. This is a lifelong...

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audiothings 12th March 2022
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Day 1. Demolition of old roof, skylights,...

Greg Curtis
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nukmusic 3rd March 2022
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Hey fellow slutz... After a few requests from some of my other AE friends, I decided to post my studio build/conversion here...

Funny Cat
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tomwatson 14th December 2021
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I'm happy to share some details of microphone manufacturer LEWITTs multi-purpose studio I've been commissioned to build in late...

G. E.
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Starlight 7th December 2021
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Greetings GS community! I’ve been an avid follower for many studio builds in this forum, and finally have the opportunity to...

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rob S 19th November 2021
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Help sound proofing hello, I’m a drummer and I need advices to build my studio . Here is the configuration: It’s a garage...

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bertycollins 7th November 2021
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Ok, Just got the keys to our new building that I bought. The building is 2800 sq ft, concrete floor, concrete walls, build in...

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Motoxxx 26th October 2021
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I think it is best if I start at the beginning. When we built the control room and live room around 2000 the philosophy at the...

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Starlight 26th September 2021
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We are refurbishing a genuine EMI studio which was originally opened in 1963. It is based on Abbey Road studio 2 and was...

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Nuisance 27th August 2021
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I have started my project to have a "control room" in my single garage I produce bass heavy music all...

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dsp1980 16th August 2021
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Hey Guys, I just pulled the trigger on construction of a major recording studio facility in Barbados after two and a half...

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burke111 12th August 2021
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Greetings All, I'm using this thread as a place to consolidate the visual progress of a small, average room to be used for...

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narfs 22nd July 2021
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Hello there fellow sluterz. I’ve got a lot of great information from these studio-build forums in the past and now it’s...

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jakezap 4th June 2021
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With construction very much underway, here's the first progress pictures of my timber framed garden music room build in the...

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Micoholic 18th May 2021
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Finally the time has come! After years of dreaming about it, figuring out a design, then meeting Thomas at a trip to Galaxy...

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TimmyMac 9th May 2021
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Well I've been dreaming of this one for about 23 years now. After lobbying with the city for a variance and getting building...

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defunkmike 16th April 2021
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Hi there. Just wanted to get this thread started on a new recording studio I'm building in Stow, OH (Akron/Cleveland area). ...

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AnvilAudioAkron 1st April 2021
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OK. Here goes. We have a few threads up with some interesting photo timelines, and yeah many of our friends like them, I've...

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psb_87 15th March 2021
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So its been a while since I've posted in here. My wife and I have purchased a new home with enough land for me to build my new...

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kickdrummer58 10th February 2021
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I figured i'd finally post picture's of my home studio I built this summer. I had a baby on the way and I promised my wife I...

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Neechi 9th February 2021
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Hey all, My build is not exceptional but, I've used gearslutz as a point of reference for over a decade so, I feel obliged to...

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Starlight 7th February 2021
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The Goal This project has been something I've dreamed of for a very long time. The primary goal is to provide myself with an...

Deleted c8fc821
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hello people 2nd January 2021
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Hello all, starting a thread here for our new studio. The story of this build is long and winding, but first I just needed to...

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grignacarbo 2nd January 2021
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My isobooth. I was curious about how much and how well ”open sided polydiffusers” work. Inspired by Yannick´s thread...

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Dubgubben 5th December 2020
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At this stage Im laying down floor insulation and walls and ceiling. Anything I need to know now before I mess it up? We know how...

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Mordae 30th November 2020
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Any negatives to this? Assuming you use a lot of midi?

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kosulin 24th November 2020
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Finally I start with my own thread here, after following all your amazing stuff :) As we started the hole building-thing in...

the Lob
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the Lob 18th November 2020
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This I going to be my second studio build diary. I built a studio / rehearsal space back in 2012 and documented the build in a...

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Micoholic 13th November 2020
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I started to build a studio / rehearsal room in my double garage. A few specs. The garage is 6m x 6m and about 10 m from the...

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J.Beatnik 5th November 2020