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9th May 2017 Views: 20,081
Views: 20,081
9th May 2017
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Hi all, First public post. I am about to buy my first DAW, and have mostly been looking at FL Studio (mainly for the step...

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antic604 1 week ago
Avatar for oneartist

I have a LA Chapel 583 tube pre with EQ in a Tonelux case. I also have an original RME Babyface and Samplitude Pro X5. If I buy...

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Avatar for oneartist
oneartist 1 week ago
Avatar for Elmbeatz

Moin Folks! Upgraded to Pro x 6 suite a few days ago and just wanted to give it a recommendation. It seems to run very stable...

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Avatar for David Rick
David Rick 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Frankie.T

Hello everyone For some people compressors are tricky to use, so i've decided to make a compressor that will be easy to use to...

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Frankie.T 3 weeks ago
Avatar for castellanos

Hi there! First of all I would like this not to become a war between different DAWs. I'm just trying to make a specific point...

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castellanos 4 weeks ago
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BruceB 4 weeks ago
Avatar for BruceB

My recording biz is now housed in s small [email protected] 100 seats. I can use it as a recording studio when dark from plays, shows....

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Avatar for BruceB
BruceB 4 weeks ago
Avatar for razorboy

Often VST makers and/or vendors will include in a product descriptor a list of DAWs which they have tested the plugin with. I...

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Avatar for bill5
bill5 4 weeks ago
Avatar for noonglade

I tried studio one and loved a lot of the features like chord tracks, melodyne, integration found the workflow very clunky. I've...

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Avatar for draig
draig 18th August 2021
Avatar for noisycat

I own a powerful PC I’m sticking with, got hardware synths and controllers, I got Ableton Live lite, interface, monitors, mics,...

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Avatar for RichardH
RichardH 13th June 2021
Avatar for musicgreator

I'm currently using Reaper as my DAW. But i had this with Logic too in the past. When i have large sessions with many plugins...

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Avatar for Uncovered Pitch
Uncovered Pitch 6th June 2021
Avatar for Miles Flint

I understand not every single programm can have its own subforum, but why no subforum for such powerful DAWs like...

Miles Flint
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Avatar for KBSoundSmith
KBSoundSmith 19th May 2021
Avatar for systo

Hello, I have samplitude pro x4 I have a latency calculation problem when I enable or disable an insert plug in real time. I...

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Avatar for coopongle
coopongle 27th April 2021
Avatar for nlduke

Hi. Hoping I've got the right subthread here ... When I import a .WAV music track into GarageBand and then simply export it at...

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Avatar for ChrisNunchuck
ChrisNunchuck 26th April 2021
Avatar for restpause

I am wondering what, in your opinions and best educated guesses, is the state of the art for Linux DAWs? By "state of the...

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Avatar for PascalC
PascalC 18th April 2021
Avatar for rhythmcomposer

I'm getting started with DAWs (Mac platform) and have multiple licenses to try out from Traction (free downloads from their...

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Avatar for FNM
FNM 7th April 2021
Avatar for bluzdogs

First off I know this is a highly subjective question but I'm really starting to feel like I'm second guessing my second...

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Avatar for KorgAddict
KorgAddict 23rd March 2021
Avatar for JayTee4303

The "pro's" are stumped. Time to bring in The A Team. Any E3 played in any Performance-Mode loop changes the...

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Avatar for JayTee4303
JayTee4303 25th February 2021
Avatar for T E C H N I C A

Hi Why is it that when I bounce my selected clips to another track it sounds nothing like everything before I bounced them? It...

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Avatar for T E C H N I C A
T E C H N I C A 17th February 2021
Avatar for cap217

I am looking for FL to do basic stuff. I see a lot of producers use it and just want it as an additional source to make music. ...

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Avatar for ponzi
ponzi 14th February 2021
Avatar for bibi poodle

It seems as if one of my sequencers is commanded to stop playing once the end of the time line is reached on Reaper. Or when I...

bibi poodle
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Avatar for bibi poodle
bibi poodle 10th February 2021
Avatar for Billy Bouy

Good Morning all....my purpose for joining today , is to sort out a little problem.... My gear consists of a Boss GT 100,...

Billy Bouy
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Avatar for Billy Bouy
Billy Bouy 3rd February 2021
Avatar for knightfly

Hey slutz, long time no post - I keep getting emails for the $149 upgrade (been using Samplitude since it was a Sek'D product,...

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Avatar for knightfly
knightfly 3rd February 2021
Avatar for DanielNvL

Hello all, I got music production gear for my Christmas (Focusrite, Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro & KRK Rokit5 monitors) and I...

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Avatar for FNM
FNM 31st January 2021
Avatar for nikodenk

i reset my Mac i have official license i5 2.5 16GO ram SSD on Allen&heath db4 and 2 x1 crash log :

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Avatar for nikodenk
nikodenk 22nd January 2021
Avatar for martinh32

I've just installed the trial version of this as I'd like to use my Mac (2019, 3.7Ghz i5 6 core, 24gb ram, Catalina). I'm having...

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Avatar for martinh32
martinh32 20th January 2021
Avatar for Marwan A

Hello all :-D I have written a computer assisted music production course on how to operate Reaper DAW that I'm putting online...

Marwan A
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Avatar for Marwan A
Marwan A 15th January 2021
Avatar for onlywhelmed

I've used a handful of DAWs over the years and am not really attached to any particular software or workflow. I am currently...

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Avatar for onlywhelmed
onlywhelmed 31st December 2020
Avatar for danafter

Having some issues running waves plug ins on fl studio. They work in ableton, and I can find them in FL studio 20, but they don't...

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Avatar for danafter
danafter 30th December 2020

Please don't destroy me on this: I use my workstation sequencer and a digital recorder and compose some very intricate pieces...

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JOHN GARGANI 18th December 2020
Avatar for Fine Mess

Hey all, I was wondering if this is a deal you might pop on. 139 cad. Included as part of this offer: Vandal (C$199 value)...

Fine Mess
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Avatar for Trensharo
Trensharo 9th December 2020
Avatar for Hurtenum

I recently downloaded Reaper and am having a hell of a time getting plugins to either show up or work. My laptop supports...

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Avatar for razorboy
razorboy 8th December 2020
Avatar for Will D

I have a Yamaha PSR EW400 keyboard which I would like to connect to a DAW purely to play the existing instruments in that DAW and...

Will D
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Avatar for razorboy
razorboy 7th December 2020
Avatar for sbmk

Hi, I was using several trackers when I was a teenager, then the internal sequencers of some hardware synths I had later...

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Avatar for dsy
dsy 6th December 2020
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Avatar for ponzi
ponzi 27th November 2020
Avatar for krptc

Hi. I'm using Wave Candy to figure out the notes of a song. Take a look at this: https://ibb.co/y08Tb3f In the beginning...

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Avatar for krptc
krptc 25th October 2020
Avatar for bruvvamoff

Hi all. Just opened fl mobile and thought how nice it would be if the basic projects I was working on with the PC were...

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Avatar for bruvvamoff
bruvvamoff 14th October 2020
Avatar for hugoagaatsz

Hi people, Not sure whether this is the right place for VST questions but im going to give it a go. Im creating a track and...

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Avatar for pefra
pefra 6th October 2020
Avatar for tomeri.music

Hello! It's now time to upgrade my home studio. Have previously used cracked plugins and FL and an old midi 49 of...

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Avatar for Miles Flint
Miles Flint 4th October 2020
Avatar for Wert kilp

Hi all. While I manage to get some wicked tunes and jam sessions going sequencing external instruments via fl studio I’m...

Wert kilp
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Avatar for Wert kilp
Wert kilp 22nd September 2020
Avatar for Neoneon

I just bought a computer for 1700$ and it maxes out by just one serum patch playing chords in 96khz... Is this normal? AMD...

replies: 14 views: 779
Avatar for MediaGary
MediaGary 5th September 2020
Avatar for don1960lp

I have 3 of the Softube Marshalls and get Fruity Wrapper errors when trying to load them and then Fruity freezes and I have to...

replies: 6 views: 299
Avatar for Alchemedia
Alchemedia 5th September 2020
Avatar for DylanDude

Audacity is clipping all my recordings. Does anyone know why? This is very lame lol The audio waves are no where near getting...

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Avatar for RoadRanger
RoadRanger 26th August 2020
Avatar for Paul195

Hi all, I'm using FL 20, I bought a Novation SL49 MKII midi controller ages ago (~2011) but have never spent much time getting...

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Avatar for Paul195
Paul195 20th August 2020
Avatar for zerocrossing

Looks like someone took the live looping capabilities of Live and took it to another level. I’ve not yet tried it, but it looks...

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Avatar for zerocrossing
zerocrossing 19th August 2020
Avatar for Deleted bc6012f

Edit - sorry for wrong typing - it should be Ensoniq i get it.. I have a question. Let's say i'll bite it and i am willing to...

Deleted bc6012f
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Avatar for Operadog
Operadog 7th July 2020
Avatar for FeedMeCheese

Hi there, I'm using FL Studio 10 on a machine with a Realtek HD Audio Onboard Sound Card. I also have ASIO4ALL v2 installed with...

replies: 38 views: 72,527
Avatar for BibblyBing
BibblyBing 1st July 2020
Avatar for broomy

Hi can anybody advice which daw would work best with a system8 a jdxa and an esq1 i have an old version of fruity loops but think...

replies: 3 views: 352
Avatar for broomy
broomy 1st June 2020
Avatar for ginsuthaironchef

I produce using an MPC Renaissance and the MPC Software. I'm still using version 1.9. The latest version is a DAW and allows...

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Avatar for Miles Flint
Miles Flint 1st June 2020
Avatar for dickiefunk

Hi, How do you export midi files from GarageBand on MAC Catalina?

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Avatar for fastlanephil
fastlanephil 31st May 2020