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Posting Guidelines (evolving, please refer here frequently for updates!) Please post all your new product...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 8th May 2015
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Pulsar 565T Filter Set features four separate continuously tunable filters which can be cascaded to provide a fresh approach to...

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p900 4 hours ago
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p1afff 2 days ago
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I’m DEFINITELY INTERESTED in checking this out!!!

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Diogo C 2 days ago
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LEWITT 2 days ago
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Just one week left. Stay tuned for 02/02/2022. Imagine getting the perfect sound every time. After 7 years of development in...

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LEWITT 2 days ago
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Hi all, very excited to announce the imminent release (via a major sample company) of my new MG Soft Nylon Guitar for Kontakt...

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MrTopo 2 days ago
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So Softube is releasing a free plugin for a limited time. What can it be? A Tape expansion?

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Diogo C 3 days ago
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Hello. New to the Gearslutz forum. I am a Design Engineer by trade (as probably no one of you know). Recently (well actually...

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Pashkuli 1 week ago
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MGA 1 week ago
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Wendel 1 week ago
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Plugin Alliance announces bx_console AMEK 9099 EARLY ACCESS: We are excited to bring you the Brainworx bx_console AMEK...

The Press Desk
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time2mix.com 2 weeks ago
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Hey Team, During lockdown here in New Zealand I've been chipping away on an idea I've had for a card 'game' for the music...

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Uncovered Pitch 2 weeks ago
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asier. 2 weeks ago
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morphic303 22nd December 2021
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We're proud to announce that our first product, Aurora, will be launching soon on Kickstarter! :cowbell: Aurora: Reactive LED...

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saturateLLC 21st December 2021
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Torso Electronics announces T-1 expressive sequencer T-1 is an expressive sequencer which introduces new and fluent...

The Press Desk
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Dean Freud 17th December 2021
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I saw these 2 posts! This is AudioThing's third collaboration with Hainbach. Out this Friday, Dec. 10th!

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Lotuz2019 10th December 2021
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Announcing Soundpaint™ - an advanced software technology designed with one goal. To offer the highest degree of realism...

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Rockshamrover 7th December 2021
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peachh TONZ uses machine learning to model industry equipment accurately, in super high quality and quickly. We have VST...

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matt pinchin 5th December 2021
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Hey Everyone! I saw this on Baby Audio's IG feed. Baby Audio Ace Tone SY-100??? https://www.instagram.com/p/CW8s1ADMoUB/

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M0nsteh 2nd December 2021
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An nice touch to the colour series which should be available to the masses shortly. I just wanted to get the word out NOW as I...

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evsey 1st December 2021
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Super excited about this! Kiwitechnics has amassed a wealth of knowledge in their various CPU/firmware replacements for classic...

Cpl. Punishment
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Cpl. Punishment 24th November 2021
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Cytomic's next plugin "The Scream" is a very detailed model of an Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer pedal. It models every...

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doom64 24th November 2021
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Just got this in my inbox: Something New Is Coming November 23! It’s big, it’s awesome, and you’re going to love it....

Cpl. Punishment
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Cpl. Punishment 23rd November 2021
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. ...yes, SoundDrops did it again! Last year’s release, SURREY GUITAR AMP SUITE, was widely praised for its detailed...

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SteDal 22nd November 2021
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Audeze is proud to introduce FILTER, the world's most powerful portable conference speakerphone featuring AI-technology and...

The Press Desk
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doom64 22nd November 2021
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Hi everyone at Gearslutz, this is Fred from Fred's Lab. I am here to present you my new beast, the Töörö synth. The...

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TonStrom 20th November 2021
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Hey guys and gals! Just wanted to tease you a bit rockout Some cool stuff coming soon from Mercuriall......

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iKalamaZoo 12th November 2021
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gcsmusic 8th November 2021
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I've been working on a new app to manage ideas, discuss changes, and collaborate on audio. It's called Highnote. Think of it like...

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boombapdame 3rd November 2021
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I am happy to share with you my latest creation, a customizable MIDI controller. open·control is a customizable Control Surface...

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KBLiveSolutions 3rd November 2021
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Hi, were really proud to announce the imminent release of HoriZEN - our Hybrid...

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Lindon 18th October 2021
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Deity is launching a new microphone at 12:00 PM PST on 10/13/21. Describing it as "pocketable" and being asked for it...

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Dohreetoh 13th October 2021
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This came with my subscription to TapeOp and I thought it looked interesting Didn't know where to post this to ask if anyone...

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joninc 13th October 2021
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Warm Audio to announce a new product in October Find out first:

The Press Desk
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TomPaul 7th October 2021
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I'm so glad Ted Fletcher is doing so well, and still building great gear! Check this out (notice the grin of a Cheshire...

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drsaamah 29th September 2021
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☆* 。★゚*♪ ☆* 。★゚*♪ CANTOR ☆* 。★゚*♪ ☆* 。★゚*♪ rockoutrockoutrockout a new FREE Live...

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Bruce Keen 25th September 2021
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I just pre ordered 2 rockout ...

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NashvilleJoe 24th September 2021
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SOMI-1 – Turn your Movements into Sound Wireless wearables to play and control music via movements | iOS &...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 20th September 2021
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I just read on Toontracks Facebook page, they will be releasing an Upright EBX on 21st September :)

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broco 19th September 2021
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Ferdz announces MICO Cinetic MIDI Controller, a simple and intuitive universal midi controller specially to control the...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 6th September 2021
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Yamaha has filed two trademark applications for CK61 https://www.trademarkelite.com/trademark/trademark-detail/90764767/CK61 and...

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JohnnyP702 1st September 2021
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Hi, A short video about testing the new monitor model has appeared on Kali Audio's Facebook. It will probably be the IN-5 model...

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MRSEED 17th August 2021
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Via Facebook: https://imagizer.imageshack.com/img923/1865/T7EwYT.png

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Qiy 13th August 2021
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Stam Audio Mono V76 Preamp Stam Audio Dual V72 Preamp Stam Audio Mono V72 500 Series Preamp

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Kevin R. 7th August 2021
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Yes, another one. But this is ours and we love the sound. And has a VariSpeed control, too. Do you use a real one or have any...

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quintosardo 28th July 2021
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Hello Guys, I am happy to introduce to the forum the Stam Audio SA-76ADG. https://i.imgur.com/7sR6WVH.jpg Three...

Stam Audio
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Stam Audio 24th July 2021
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Hi everyone! Alex Sterling here from Precision Sound Studios. I’m starting an exciting new venture with Crossley Acoustics....

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staudio 14th July 2021
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Artisan Electronic Instruments announces NUCLEUS Analog Hybrid Synthesizer Artisan Electronic Instruments announces...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 13th July 2021
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The-Zeronaut 10th July 2021