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Posting Guidelines (evolving, please refer here frequently for updates!) Please post all your new product...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 8th May 2015
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studeo74 16 hours ago
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P11 Abyss an audio compressor plugin that can react before you can blink your eyes with a 1µs attack & release and zero...

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brokbeatz 17 hours ago
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Zorba is a pre-patched soft-synth from Pulsar Modular that is coming soon and when it is out, there is no turning back....

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brokbeatz 1 day ago
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It’s official: Behringer is making a free DAW with built-in VST plugins Read about it here.. ...

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igglebiggle 2 days ago
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Samplicity's Berlin Studio plugin can still be pre-ordered with a 30% discount until October 7! Check

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PeterEmanuelRoos 3 days ago
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Bonedo spotted this at Superbooth on the RME stand - looks pretty production-ready for a prototype...??? proper four outputs... I...

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RightOnRome 4 days ago
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I was browsing Crane Song website and stumbled upon the successor to Dave Hill Titans. Can’t believe there’s no info on this...

Iron Octopus
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HiFiYeah 1 week ago
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I'm so glad Ted Fletcher is doing so well, and still building great gear! Check this out (notice the grin of a Cheshire...

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Pieralex 2 weeks ago
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Cytomic's next plugin "The Scream" is a very detailed model of an Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer pedal. It models every...

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brokbeatz 2 weeks ago
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PA announced their upcoming 2022 products. Some cool stuff in there. LTL Silver Bullet MkII and the Hendy Amps plugs jumped out...

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nil hartman 2 weeks ago
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We're proud to announce that our first product, Aurora, will be launching soon on Kickstarter! :cowbell: Aurora: Reactive LED...

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saturateLLC 3 weeks ago
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Renowned innovator of next-generation synthesisers releases its first Eurorack module, bringing the sound of a new-vintage...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 3 weeks ago
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StiloNovo 4 weeks ago
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Hi, Has someone heard about that new mic? Certainly very interesting 😃

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chessparov2.0 4 weeks ago
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Matthew Murray
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Ockeghem 29th August 2022
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lowkey 24th August 2022
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I found this: Seems like Neumann are working on KH 150 DSP. Finally 7 inches! Wow!...

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The Press Desk 22nd August 2022
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Hey, Thought you guys might be interested to check out the new Pom "Pye" Compressor. This unit is the result of a...

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YOHAMI 16th August 2022
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Un fantastico sintetizzatore è in arrivo! Il ritorno di uno strumento classico: 18 agosto 2022 Live Premiere at .

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Septic 11th August 2022
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IK Multimedia announces AI Machine Modelling software introducing AmpliTube's most revolutionary amp modeling technology yet,...

The Press Desk
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JBVN 7th August 2022
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Man Makes Noise 2nd August 2022
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COMING SOON: Sound Skulptor CP554 Diode bridge compressor (mono) for '500'...

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Lud 2nd August 2022
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***PRESS RELEASE*** Anaheim, CA June 2, 2022 Art Vista today announced the "Art Vista Orchestra Intonation...

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robshrock 2nd August 2022
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It seems that Plugin Alliance, Native Instruments, Izotope, and Brainworx are forming their own supergroup called Soundwide....

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Feedme 29th July 2022
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Hey team! Almost a year back I did a post here sharing a VERY early paper prototype of my card game for the music studio and...

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JBVN 25th July 2022
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primrose 14th July 2022
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STL Tones proudly presents the all-new pro audio mixing plugin, ControlHub. The powerful platform is host to entire mixing signal...

The Press Desk
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mvd83 28th June 2022
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ADK T-FET Series has a new member. The Munich-7-T is has an M-7 Style Capsule, British Transformer, and with 11dB Self-Noise and...

Larry Villella
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Larry Villella 24th June 2022
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Stam Audio Mono V76 Preamp Stam Audio Dual V72 Preamp Stam Audio Mono V72 500 Series Preamp

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johnjacobniles 13th June 2022
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Here's a short sneak peek of me morphing 2 patches together on the Nina synth from Melbourne,...

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boomyak 29th May 2022
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Silen Audio's upcoming Infinite Flow software synthesizer brings the classic sound of analog polyphonic synthesizers while also...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 25th May 2022
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Jaycen Joshua, one of the biggest mixer in the business, has been teasing for months that he has been "working on creating...

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The Press Desk 25th May 2022
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New version of the Arturia V Collection coming. What’s new in V Collection 9? Korg MS-20 V SQ80 V Augmented...

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Diogo C 10th May 2022
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Hello everyone, I am about to make some replicas of the RCA 44-A ribbon microphone; Everything is made by hand or machined...

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1doorgunner 2nd May 2022
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Plugin Alliance announces partnership with Maor Appelbaum and HendyAmps to create licensed plugin version of THE OVEN...

The Press Desk
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Macaroni 30th April 2022
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Something new is coming from Cherry Audio on May 2nd, but first... Hardware or software? It's an age-old debate when it...

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rsaintjohn 29th April 2022
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Super excited about this! Kiwitechnics has amassed a wealth of knowledge in their various CPU/firmware replacements for classic...

Cpl. Punishment
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YashN 21st April 2022
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Hey Team, During lockdown here in New Zealand I've been chipping away on an idea I've had for a card 'game' for the music...

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Felix Young 19th April 2022
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Hello. New to the Gearslutz forum. I am a Design Engineer by trade (as probably no one of you know). Recently (well actually...

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commerce 9th April 2022
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I purchased this From Thomann and it arrived last week. As this PCIe, 8 in and 8 out + MIDI 2x16 audio card is new to the market...

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the fxs 22nd March 2022
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Now Available! Details and release...

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rsaintjohn 17th March 2022
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Some pictures show on their swedish site. I guess the name shows that it is a altec tube compressor clone. No price yet...

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toledo3 23rd February 2022
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Hello producers, GUESS and WIN 20% extra discount on our new upcoming VST plugin. What type of plugin is it? Available...

Eplex7 DSP
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Eplex7 DSP 8th February 2022
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Graham~ 2nd February 2022
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Ssamson 30th January 2022
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p1afff 26th January 2022
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I’m DEFINITELY INTERESTED in checking this out!!!

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Diogo C 26th January 2022
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So Softube is releasing a free plugin for a limited time. What can it be? A Tape expansion?

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Diogo C 25th January 2022
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asier. 10th January 2022
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morphic303 22nd December 2021