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True to sound. The WA-8000 rises to the occasion and delivers all that top end, beat by beat, at a price that will leave you...

The Press Desk
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dcoopermusic 22 minutes ago
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Sonnox Claro EQ EQ, in tune with your needs About Claro We're proud to announce the latest addition to our Toolbox...

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Rickskii 28 minutes ago
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SoloRack version 2.0 has been released. Along with a sale on the System B bundle. Details here:...

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The 6th Beatle 54 minutes ago
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- For Mac, PC, iPad, and iPhone, Volt brings classic studio sound with Vintage Mic Preamp mode, 76 Compressor, included...

The Press Desk
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Jolosch 55 minutes ago
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With the sound, look, and feel that started it all, the Cherry Audio/MRB VM900 Collection delivers the audio and visual...

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The 6th Beatle 58 minutes ago
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Knoxville, TN, October 11, 2021 — Waves Audio, the world’s leading developer of professional audio signal processing...

The Press Desk
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bace 1 hour ago
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This pack includes 80 presets ranging from downright dirty basses, rave plucks, detuned leads, hoovers, snarling acid, epic...

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nuttyt 2 hours ago
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...so it can't be iLok that is preventing M1 support. And its free for existing customers. Thank you UVI! Falcon...

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Diogo C 2 hours ago
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Product: Desert Developer: Acustica Audio Price (MSRP): Introductory price €103 - Save 35% OFF* - For the first four weeks...

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zaphod 2 hours ago
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Pulsar Modular has released P42 Climax, is a line amp emulation for tone shaping/coloration, saturation and conjures more of the...

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Rob Williams 3 hours ago
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OUT NOW: Save 50% on our brand new TAIPEI STUDIO TAPE RECORDER. TAIPEI STUDIO TAPE RECORDER is the start of our journey to...

London Acoustics
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London Acoustics 4 hours ago
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We are pleased to announce our new ShaperBox effect: NoiseShaper is OUT NOW. JYxqgDA82Cs NoiseShaper gives producers the...

Lee Cableguys
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Loopy C 5 hours ago
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New signal processing software models four legendary TASCAM analog recording systems October 12, 2021 - IK Multimedia is...

The Press Desk
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phantomcenter 5 hours ago
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Oxford, England, September 27th, 2021 — Solid State Logic announce their new DAW plug-in development programme with...

The Press Desk
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freezerman 5 hours ago
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The Press Desk
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CaptainNovember7 6 hours ago
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The famous British console sounds heard on the hit records of Queen, Nirvana, David Bowie, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are...

The Press Desk
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Geronimos Guitar 6 hours ago
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Hey Everyone! Our latest effort GROTH is finally available on Wavelet Audio. Short description: The sound of GROTH evokes the...

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audioatmosphere 6 hours ago
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Has this been posted here? Sorry if so. https://www.plogue.com/products/chipsynth-ops7.html Damn, this thing sounds fine....

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dr_After 6 hours ago
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MRSEED 8 hours ago
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Cherry Audio is delighted to announce the release of Mercury-4, a detailed emulation of one of the best-sounding and...

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Audiorange 10 hours ago
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Handmade in Los Angeles, California, by artist Jeff Turzo, the M-A-S harmonic shaper from Overstayer Recording Equipment is...

The Press Desk
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Melopsmusic 11 hours ago
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Acon Digital has released DeVerberate 3, a plug-in that attenuates unwanted reverb present in recorded audio. The new version...

Acon Digital - Stian
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Nonlinear 17 hours ago
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INTRODUCING THE RO-SPR After the successful launch of our first reverb, the RO-140, we have created a new reverb plug-in...

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Judders 18 hours ago
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SyncPlay is a brand new, intuitive way to perform/compose music with loops and your keyboard. It will bring superpower to your...

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RastSound 22 hours ago
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Hi all! We just released a new grand piano library called the Golden Age Grand. We recorded this piano on a beautiful vintage...

Teletone Audio
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Teletone Audio 23 hours ago
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Gw7GQ01zqNo Meet MetaTune, the best automatic tuner on earth Say goodbye to expensive, buggy automatic tuners, because...

Steven Slate
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janjaal 1 day ago
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Sound Magic introduces Blue Grand Version 6.0 featuring two distinguished Steinway Grand Pianos. Powered by the latest Neo Piano...

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shane1980 1 day ago
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Physical Audio has released a brand-new version of Derailer, along with Derailer...

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lyosha 1 day ago
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Introducing ARKE Pianospheres https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgL50VOaQZc A New Frontier in Sonic Atmospheres​ Not a...

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PHParker 1 day ago
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The Fast Path to Great Vocals! The 32C Vocal Intensity Processor is a 'greatest hits' collection of features from Harrison's...

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Bo Derek 1 day ago
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(Nektar Technology, Inc., California, October 15, 2021) The new Impact LX Mini USB MIDI controller keyboard has everything...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 1 day ago
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Product: Silver Developer: Acustica Audio Price (MSRP): FREE - Download and authorize it via Aquarius! Plug-in Format(s): VST,...

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AcusticaCM 1 day ago
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Maji is a plugin based on rules derived from physics. 19.99$ on Gumroad and free for...

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no genre 1 day ago
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Premium-quality audio interfaces designed for producers, engineers, and artists Los Angeles, CA, September 9, 2021 –...

The Press Desk
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joshmelo 1 day ago
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Labs 1 day ago
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We proudly announce the release of Pi & Phi...

MIA Laboratories
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V4nger 1 day ago
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Five years of intense development has culminated in a range of professional monitors that deliver the highest possible...

The Press Desk
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Paul_G 1 day ago
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Before the 1970’s, it was almost impossible to make a record without lots of tubes and tape. Analog tape machines were...

The Press Desk
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soapmak3r 1 day ago
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Spitfire Audio continues creative partnership with Abbey Road Studios as ABBEY ROAD ONE: VIBRANT REEDS represents next...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 2 days ago
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Introducing TAIP - AI-Powered Tape Emulation We're really excited to share this one! It's been in the works since last fall...

BABY Audio
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BM Grabber 2 days ago
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BjcrNRdAUE0 TL;DW: Lighter variations on Ultrasonic UltrasonicLite.zip(1M) Hi! This is just what it says on the tin....

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MusicLov3r 2 days ago
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dBComp Great drum compressor/limiter for studio and live use! Also, use with acoustic/electric guitar and bass guitar to...

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analag 2 days ago
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Guitarists can now access authentic Jimi Hendrix™ tones along with an interactive experience featuring historic moments and...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 2 days ago
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Just a heads up to the GearSPACE community! Thomas Mundt's excellent LoudMax limiter plugin is now available in version...

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Bob Yordan 2 days ago
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The new release combines a stunning library of acoustic instrument samples with an easy-to-use yet powerful...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 2 days ago
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Introducing Martinic’s newest instrument plugin and first full synthesizer. It’s an emulation of the original AX73, enhanced...

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Farshad 2 days ago
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Next-Generation Multitrack Loopers with Class-Leading Sound, Advanced Control Capabilities, Powerful Onboard Effects, and...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 2 days ago
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The frist DirectWIRE-enabled USB microphone on the market With cosMik uCast, you only need 3 more things to start your career...

ESI Audio
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ESI Audio 2 days ago
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A new DDMF plugin - with likely the best GUI I've seen to date. Link to site https://ddmf.eu/assets/images/MagicVerb.jpg

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NathanBarley 2 days ago
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We are delighted to announce you all that we have received the first batch of the H2 Audio/HELIOS 0011 modules and the dedicated...

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roger 3 days ago