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Trans Audio Group announces Acoustic Tranducer Company (ATC) SCS70 PRO Studio Active Subwoofer Monitor featuring high performance...

The Press Desk
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Russell Casse 15 minutes ago
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Introducing the Quantum 2772 Evolution, a true stereo algorithmic reverb inspired by the legendary German Room Simulator and...

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Mongoose 16 minutes ago
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Solid State Logic Continues Expansion of its SSL Complete Subscription with Latest Plug-In, X-Limit. The plug-in is a quick and...

The Press Desk
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screentan 18 minutes ago
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Legendary Hu is a VST/AU plugins and sample library features the Huqin family, which is the strings instrument in Chinese...

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shane1980 29 minutes ago
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Hi All, Today we launched our first plugin Drumslot! Drumslot creates random combinations of 2 or 3 drum sounds to create...

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acmusic 37 minutes ago
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Lindell Audio announces availability of LiN76 Vintage Limiting Amplifier aptly designed to recreate timbres and nuances of...

The Press Desk
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christube 48 minutes ago
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We are glad to introduce you to our latest update: Realphones 1.8. This is all you need for mixing with...

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Mercado_Negro 3 hours ago
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DwjGN_TndDk TL;DW: LeadAmp is an amp sim with a clear, penetrating, vocal tone. Hi! If I'm counting...

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chrisj 3 hours ago
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Sound Magic introduces Neo Piano Chapters: 1927 featuring a vintage Steinway D Grand Piano made in Hamburg. Powered by the latest...

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CGR 3 hours ago
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“Four voiced channels of pure tone” JMP Pro Guitar Amplifier Intro offer $39.99 (reg $137) (modeling based on Marshall...

Nembrini Audio
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jih64 5 hours ago
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This was released today I think and it is not yet on Gearspace.

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TonalDynamics 6 hours ago
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CLICK HERE FOR LAUNCH VIDEO I was one of the first people to hear Mike Dean’s new Hollywood studio. I was helping him...

Steven Slate
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JameyZ 8 hours ago
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Eventide announces availability of Misha 28HP Eurorack instrument/sequencer that utilizes interval-based approach to playing and...

The Press Desk
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Orville71 9 hours ago
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Stam Audio announces availability of 3A-5 500-Series Opto Compressor, 1073-5T 500-Series Preamp, SA4000 Tube-5 MK2 500-series...

The Press Desk
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Sanlky 9 hours ago
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Apogee releases the Soft Limit plug-in, bringing to our computers the tape emulation circuit that was the secret sauce in the...

The Press Desk
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jams3223 9 hours ago
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Hey Everyone! We just released our new version of the Warmy EP1A Tube EQ. This version has been completely redesigned to...

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ELBAJISTA33 10 hours ago
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We are happy to announce the release of Chameleon Version 2! Chameleon is an...

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bmanic 10 hours ago
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Overview Invisible Limiter G3 is the third generation of Invisible Limiter series coming with significant updates around...

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Uncovered Pitch 11 hours ago
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Vmv3REv86F4 TL;DW: RickenbackerBass is the first set of instruments out of Airwindows Free Studio (CC BY...

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Clavivox 11 hours ago
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XY4qUFH7ZQQ TL;DW: BigAmp is a very flexible amplike thing with a taste for the bizarre. Let's go a...

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Clavivox 12 hours ago
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Custom tube amplifier with tremolo for guitars and keyboards! It has no built-in cabinet. So, you can combine BlackVibe...

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AnalogObsession 12 hours ago
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A new multiband compressor just crept up on their website:

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mayasmith7464 13 hours ago
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Pulsar 565T Filter Set features four separate continuously tunable filters which can be cascaded to provide a fresh approach...

The Press Desk
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p900 15 hours ago
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Sonible releases smart:comp version 2 update featuring AI-powered automatic parametrization, spectral compression with sidechain...

The Press Desk
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luka 15 hours ago
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3 time Grammy© award winning mix engineer Andrew Scheps announces the release of Bounce Factory - an extension of ProTools...

The Press Desk
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Mind-Over-Midi 15 hours ago
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We're excited to share that Morph EQ, our brand new creative equalizer plugin, is now live! Morph EQ is a perfect...

Minimal Audio
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wafa 16 hours ago
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Fog Convolver 2 is finally here! :cowbell: Fog Convolver 2 is a true stereo convolution reverb/processor plugin. This new...

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audiothing 16 hours ago
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Hammy Havoc
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Karloff70 16 hours ago
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Hello Everyone! is officially releasing today, August 5th 2022, a new virtual instrument for the China...

Jason Morin
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Jason Morin 17 hours ago
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Hertz Drums is the brainchild of the Wieslawski brothers, Wojtek and Slawek, and software developer/musician Alex Yashchanka....

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andyrocks 21 hours ago
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Glitchedtones 21 hours ago
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Hey all, I'm an AI/ML researcher and engineer building tools for producers. This is my first post to gearspace - thank you for...

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YuutaShinjou113 1 day ago
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About Aero Aero is a plug-in suite consisting of two FREE players, Aero Stomp and Aero Amp, both available in VST2,...

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YuutaShinjou113 1 day ago
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Hi everyone! :) We have good news! We have just released a new plug-in called “T-Warmer”. It's perfect for...

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techivation 1 day ago
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UVI release Dual Delay X, a spatial delay featuring now available deeply-editable feedback path including filters, diffusion,...

The Press Desk
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Neptune45 1 day ago
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The new ez1084-500 ..... a 500 series version of a classic Class A equalizer ..... with Carnhill inductors, input and output...

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shimoyjk 1 day ago
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RJ Studios has released version 1.1.0 of Pristine Peaks, Ultra-low Distortion Peak Limiter, incorporating numerous new,...

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cl516 1 day ago
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This was announced just over a week ago :- 9 foot performance grand sampled in a concert hall. Provides an immersive audio...

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dickiefunk 1 day ago
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Sound Devices releases A20-RX Two channel true-diversity receiver with SpectraBand Technology. The A20-RX delivers ultra-wide...

The Press Desk
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imaginaryday 1 day ago
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Waves new vocal harmony plugin has up to eight voices generated from a single voice, 3 choices of workflow - Automatic, Playable...

The Press Desk
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DaveE 2 days ago
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Supreme Piano 4 — our latest hybrid modelling virtual instrument for Mac (AU 32-/64-bit, VST 32-/64-bit) and Windows (VST...

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shane1980 2 days ago
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Hey everyone, hope you are enjoying the summer. We have been quite active in the last couple of weeks, with a lot of great...

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DownSideUp 3 days ago
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We are excited to announce the release of the latest Toybox pack for Reaktor Blocks. This one is super special. Toybox...

[email protected]
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[email protected] 3 days ago
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HoRNet Plugins announces AnalogStage MK2. The second version of the company's analog saturation plugin emulates the sound...

The Press Desk
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studioton 3 days ago
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After about a year of intense development, the very first CVPlate-T's have shipped out! CVPA is now taking additional...

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bgrotto 3 days ago
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AFqnj1s3IXk TL;DW: Console8 moves to a channel/submix/buss topology and adds analog simulation. Yep....

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seby 4 days ago
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Harrison has published a new, free software update for Mixbus32C : version...

Harrison Press
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cpwade 4 days ago
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Mojave Audio MA-D Hand-held microphone delivers rich musicality and full-frequency response for vocalists, live...

The Press Desk
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doom64 4 days ago
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e-instruments announces availabiliy of Pure Upright IOS virtual intrument piano App feturing nine core piano timbres, 3-band EQ...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 4 days ago
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Mastering degree Dual-Mono/Stereo/Mid-Side equalizer. FEATURES - 6 band equalizer with selectable frequencues - Low...

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AnalogObsession 5 days ago