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Delivering a fundamentally new musical tool Little Ferry NJ, November 9, 2021 — Eventide has released SplitEQ, an...

The Press Desk
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musicman691 3 minutes ago
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OI_sYOOiXpg TL;DW: ZLowpass2 acts more like the Emu e6400 Ultra lowpass in motion, with coefficient...

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Clavivox 10 minutes ago
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dSONIQ introduces a big update of supported HP models list for Realphones - software solution for mixing with headphones....

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dSONIQ 11 minutes ago
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Preamp-MAX released and Winter sale (40%-50% off everything). -Special discounted upgrade pricing for users of PreAMPed,...

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ukm 25 minutes ago
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New York, November 15, 2021 PROCESS.AUDIO, the software division of PureMix.net, is pleased to announce the release of...

The Press Desk
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kofein 28 minutes ago
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Available in VST3 / AU format (Mac Intel / Arm Silicon) JupiterXTC continues the series of non-plus-ultra preamp reproductions...

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DiBiQuadroDavide 31 minutes ago
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Hey Everyone!! Eddie here! Kiive Audio has just released two new plugins!! I'm so stoked on these and hope you guys like...

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BadYodeler 36 minutes ago
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The officially certified collection from the legendary FAME Studios of Muscle Shoals, Alabama, modeling the acclaimed live...

The Press Desk
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mattias78 47 minutes ago
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PRISTINE ANALOG SATURATION A new addition to the PSP Audioware lineup, PSP Saturator brings its refined algorithms and pushes...

Mr Grim
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OlavB 47 minutes ago
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- For Mac, PC, iPad, and iPhone, Volt brings classic studio sound with Vintage Mic Preamp mode, 76 Compressor, included...

The Press Desk
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Dallon426 1 hour ago
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Filter and drive circuits in Mad Filter are state-of-the-art, warm and analog-like , it can suddenly become your go to...

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mvd83 1 hour ago
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The Waves SSL EV2 Channel is a brand-new emulation of the classic SSL 4000E console channel strip, fully authorized by Solid...

The Press Desk
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gregerlindberg 1 hour ago
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Pictured (above): The rare Neve analog console in Blackbird Studio A Pictured (below): The BB N105 V2, the newest version of...

The Press Desk
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dgc4rter 3 hours ago
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We're very excited to announce that the new T-De-Esser Pro is finally released! :cowbell: It comes with a complete set of...

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MogwaiBoy 4 hours ago
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Orleans, France – November 2021 FLUX:: Immersive, leader in creation of software tools for immersive audio production, is...

The Press Desk
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Megalobass 5 hours ago
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6-Instrument BUNDLE The VHorns Brass Section contains 6 instruments: 2 trumpets, 2 trombones and 2 flugelhorns (also...

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mdme_sadie 5 hours ago
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Just out! https://refx.com/nexus/ Upgrade is 99 usd for what seems to me like what should have been called v3.6 and be cheap or...

World Studios
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M_Music 5 hours ago
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Hi everyone, I'm very happy to announce that the new Tone Projects plug-in is now available. Based on the "Hygge"...

Rune L-H
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LASTLAVGH 5 hours ago
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Latest update revamps favorite modules with new tech to address emerging audio capture and production issues iZotope Inc.,...

The Press Desk
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usernew 6 hours ago
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Sonnox Claro EQ EQ, in tune with your needs About Claro We're proud to announce the latest addition to our Toolbox...

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lllubi 6 hours ago
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The Diamond - HWMC – Howie Weinberg Mastering Console has been created by Acustica Audio and Studio DMI, in collaboration...

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Beatworld 8 hours ago
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Is PressDesk sleeping? :facepalm: Who's responsible for posting new plugins in a timely manner on GS (not one month later)? Not...

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Caet 8 hours ago
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True to sound. The WA-8000 rises to the occasion and delivers all that top end, beat by beat, at a price that will leave you...

The Press Desk
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London, England – Software company Reverb Foundry is delighted to announce their new flagship reverb, TAI CHI. Combining...

The Press Desk
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thermos 10 hours ago
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BELGIUM, November 11th, 2021. Leapwing is proud to announce their brand-new vocal processor: UltraVox. A set-and-forget plugin...

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basic 13 hours ago
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Softube also proudly introduces Marshall Murder One Lemmy Signature, now available as a native plug-in and for Amp Room,...

The Press Desk
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Faland 14 hours ago
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It's customary for companies to offer cool discounts on existing products for Black Friday (which happens at ESD too), but...

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valjean24601 17 hours ago
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Sonic Extensions™ is a new brand of innovative products created by Spectrasonics, that introduces a completely new...

The Press Desk
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cavestar 18 hours ago
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Cherry Audio is capping off an incredible year of new products with the release of Quadra, our highly anticipated reimagining...

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Reefius 19 hours ago
Avatar for AnalogObsession

Simply give second life to your lifeless tracks with "ReLife"! Easy to use and instant result! FEATURES -...

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Jonah G 20 hours ago
Avatar for Les Vegas

New DST Multi Band Distortion Plugin. Inspired by the original Quadrafuzzv1 in Cubase! Hear how it sounds on my Moog...

Les Vegas
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Herzton 22 hours ago
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PRESS RELEASE Sweden, November 23rd 2021 Nevo Studios 3rd release, an IR pack of the original AMS RMX 16 from the early...

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Karloff70 1 day ago
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Knoxville, TN, October 11, 2021 — Waves Audio, the world’s leading developer of professional audio signal processing...

The Press Desk
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bace 1 day ago
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NEW: - Apple Silicon support - VST3 format - graphic engine with zooming - presets explorer system - presets designed...

Mr Grim
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ashkilamande 1 day ago
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Kirchhoff-EQ is an ultimate 32-band parametric EQ plugin built for all critical professional applications. It has refined sound...

TBTech Co. Ltd.
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idoru97214 1 day ago
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VCS-1 ALL-IN CHANNEL STRIP RELEASE https://mycommerce.akamaized.net/api/pimages/P301012112/BIG/301012112.JPG COMPLETE, NOT...

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Mike Caffrey 1 day ago
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Introducing Martinic’s newest instrument plugin and first full synthesizer. It’s an emulation of the original AX73, enhanced...

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martinic 1 day ago
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A 100mm USB MIDI fader controller for orchestral programming. https://amc3midicontrollers.com/

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dbonin 1 day ago
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A comprehensive collection of rare and sought-after synths expanded with more models, stunning new sonic accuracy and the...

The Press Desk
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Dusty Angel 1 day ago
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With many requests from mix and mastering engineers, P42 is now equipped with real-time Gain Compensation Calculation. Meter...

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Dosxxx 1 day ago
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We are pleased to announce our new ShaperBox effect: NoiseShaper is OUT NOW. JYxqgDA82Cs NoiseShaper gives producers the...

Lee Cableguys
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motomotomoto 1 day ago
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quintosardo 1 day ago
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The Takaab 2VCA V2 Just dropped yesterday; our redeveloped dual voltage controlled amplifier/attenuator for eurorack. Features...

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SiamBob 2 days ago
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FeelYourSound has released version 1.1.0 of its MIDI generator plug-in HouseEngine (VST + AU). HouseEngine is a specialized...

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Lamont Cranston 2 days ago
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Virtual ROLAND GAIA programmer - LOGIC v4 - X This software is a virtual ROLAND GAIA programmer for use with the Roland...

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Tui 2 days ago
Avatar for The Press Desk

BRISTOL, UK: having made several show-stopping splashes upon introducing the Super 6 as its inaugural instrument to the...

The Press Desk
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Septic 2 days ago
Avatar for leigh

November 16, 2021, Portland, OR – reFuse Software, the boutique developer of plugins such as Lowender (“It’s just...

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leigh 2 days ago
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New signal processing software models four legendary TASCAM analog recording systems October 12, 2021 - IK Multimedia is...

The Press Desk
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Club Foot 2 days ago
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Best-in-class microphone brand launches a modern take on a classic workhorse from the Golden Age of Hollywood...

The Press Desk
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ucsbrendan 2 days ago
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filterdrve The filterdrve is an adaptation of the famous Korg MS-20 analog filter for the api 500 format. I was always...

Singular Audio
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Singular Audio 2 days ago