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Avatar for The Press Desk® has teamed up with our pals at WesAudio® to offer everyone the chance to win one of two limited edition...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 1 week ago
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I'm very proud to introduce to you the first Plugin release from new company Gowans Audio. The brain child of Engineer /...

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anguswoodhead 1 minute ago
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Huge-sounding tube saturation which makes any vocal or instrument jump out of the speakers. From delicate to aggressive analog...

The Press Desk
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ProducerBoy 18 minutes ago
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Sequential Introduces Trigon-6Analog Poly Synth, Featuring 3 VCO-plus-Ladder Filter Sound Engine. New Instrument Boasts Bold,...

The Press Desk
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ArcanaMare 31 minutes ago
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VIDEO: Dear Music Makers, My goal as an audio developer are to make most perfect products for the industry that my...

Steven Slate
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RockGuitarzan 42 minutes ago
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Hello everyone! After 6 years of development, I'm excited to finally announce the launch of Ghost Cable @ I...

Ghost Cable
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baslotto 47 minutes ago
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New Massenburg DesignWorks MDWDRC2-Native Dynamic Range Controller Plugin for Pro Tools AAX, VST3 and AU. State-of-the-Art Sound...

The Press Desk
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polybonk 52 minutes ago
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Studio DMI and Acustica Audio present the Diamond Dynamic Saturator. The newest addition to the Diamond Series of...

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wagz 1 hour ago
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First-ever authentic plug-in emulation of the chambers that made the “Motown Sound” now available for Apollo and UAD Spark....

The Press Desk
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shakermaker3 1 hour ago
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This product was based mostly on one incredible, tube-based, hardware mastering EQ, and was a joint effort between myself and...

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Gregmang 1 hour ago
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Slate Digital releases long awaited FG-X 2 Mastering Plug-in. FG-X 2 is powered by two modules: FG-Comp and FG-Level. FG-Comp is...

The Press Desk
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dasoundjunkie 2 hours ago
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Newfangled Audio, an Eventide brand brings Invigorate Bus Compressor and Enhancer. Invigorate features stereo compression...

The Press Desk
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badmark 4 hours ago
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Hey Everyone!!! I'm super stoked to release our newest plugin!!!! the ADC1 Compressor /...

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nd33 4 hours ago
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Make Believe is proud to present the Make Believe Bundle and the Sontec-432-D9D. both can be purchased at our website. Thank you...

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FreeDanny 5 hours ago
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After bringin to life the "Build Your Legends" series with analogvibes in 2017 - a format that was all about enabling...

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DanielRaible 6 hours ago
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I haven't heard any news or reviews on this other than the mention of the Classic 87 Expansion released with the latest Black...

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Motionrelic 6 hours ago
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P11 Abyss an audio compressor plugin that can react before you can blink your eyes with a 1µs attack & release and zero...

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Freud 7 hours ago
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opDOWDAcDkU On Sale now at The House of Kush We didn't invent the use of "Filtered Saturation" as a radical way...

u b k
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Jeezo 9 hours ago
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Decyne4 brings to market Precyne, a new tracker style music making software which has been designed from ground-up for hardware...

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kraku 11 hours ago
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We are extremely happy to announce that we have finally (after a few years from the original tests) completed a beautiful model...

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quintosardo 12 hours ago
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True 252 - Vintage Graphic EQ Intro price - $29.99 USD until November 4, 2022. Following in the line of vintage analog...

Durk Diggler
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4fmb 12 hours ago
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Process.Audio Spicerack features overdrive, tube, amp, lo-fi and fuzz saturation using proprietary true linear phase technology...

The Press Desk
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synthesist 12 hours ago
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SE Electronics expands its DynaCaster range by introducing DynaCaster DCM3 & DCM6 dynamic studio microphones. DCM6 is...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 12 hours ago
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Hello everyone! My name is Sam Pura from Purafied and I am super stoked and proud to announce our brand new plugin: DEATHWESTERN....

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SamPura 13 hours ago
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The new library BACKBEAT CLAPPER is out now at a super-friendly intro...

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CinningBao 13 hours ago
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Introducing the Centavo, an accurate recreation of the most sought-after golden overdrive pedal, and the Warmdrive, a true...

The Press Desk
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Gemylon 15 hours ago
Avatar for da goose is proud to present the first product in their newest product line Aside from his 35 years of audio experience,...

da goose
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shahstlz 16 hours ago
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United Plugins promotes time and energy efficiency savings of automatic voice-over mixing using side-chain courtesy of...

The Press Desk
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nd33 17 hours ago
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The Iron Pack series is a line of compact, affordable, and great-sounding virtual instrument libraries for Kontakt and universal...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 19 hours ago
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Well, it's been talked about here and there for a while, but Flexible Audio (FleA) just made the official announcement to...

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Xander Knight 19 hours ago
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Solid State Logic Launch 16 Channel ORIGIN Mixing Console: Stunning SSL Sound Quality, Powerful Routing Options, and Intelligent...

The Press Desk
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Oberhim 20 hours ago
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Antares releases Auto-Tune Pro X, a major update to the company's flagship vocal tuning software. Auto-Tune Pro X continues to...

The Press Desk
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eagle007 21 hours ago
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Hello producers, Eplex7 DSP Cardiam D-142k is an boutique vst plugin equalizer inspired by classic American coil and vacuum...

Eplex7 DSP
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briefcasemanx 23 hours ago
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Waves Lil Tube opens the company's new range of analog emulation, the MAGMA series. The - free during black friday only -...

The Press Desk
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speakermanjosh 23 hours ago
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GForce Software announces the release of Oddity3, the new successor of its acclaimed Oddity Virtual Synthesizer. The new version...

The Press Desk
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Nelsonius 1 day ago
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Does the sound from your digital devices lack lustre when you listen to music, watch movies or play games? Then you need Uno, the...

The Press Desk
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iFi audio 1 day ago
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Legendary Hu is a VST/AU plugins and sample library features the Huqin family, which is the strings instrument in Chinese...

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shane1980 1 day ago
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Today, Toontrack released the Area 33 SDX, a new expansion for Superior Drummer 3 by parts of the original Drumkit From Hell...

The Press Desk
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Mongoose 1 day ago
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United Plugins announces availability of SounDevice Digital-developed MasterMind mastering plug-in with outstanding OPTIMIZE and...

The Press Desk
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Lesha 1 day ago
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Tube Saturation Plugin - Cassiopeia - by klanghabitat klanghabitat the manufacturers of the 500 series format modules...

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element4audio 1 day ago
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We want to surprise our faithful followers with an extraordinary Halloween gift to reward your...

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AcusticaCM 1 day ago
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Noisebud Purr-Fect will add real-time auto-gain compensation to any plugin or hardware. Auto-gain is one of the digital domain's...

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noisebud 1 day ago
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LIMITER is a great-sounding, smart mastering plugin that analyses your audio and suggests the best settings for your...

The Press Desk
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MasteringtheMix 1 day ago
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The newly released version 8 of Pianoteq introduces a Classical Guitar, revoiced instruments for enhanced realism, a refined GUI,...

The Press Desk
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kofein 1 day ago
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Very are very happy to announce that F76 is finally...

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quintosardo 1 day ago
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R-HZEFp0wCc TL;DW: Pop2 adds control and punch to Pop. Back in the day, I said I would get an Allen and...

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matt pinchin 2 days ago
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Solid State Logic Introduces 4K B Plug-in, Recreating its Legendary SL 4000 B Recording Console. Iconic and rare console that...

The Press Desk
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engmix 2 days ago
Avatar for Kiiveaudio

Hey Everyone!!! I'm super stoked to finally release the Xtressor!! been working on these for over a year now and it feels so...

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Tubthumper 2 days ago
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Better late than never... I'm happy to finally release the Echoleffe Tape Delay! I know you guys were expecting to see this last...

Dan Korneff
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Dan Korneff 2 days ago
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ARVerb has announced ARVerb Room, a reverb plugin that uses physics-based modeling to achieve immersive spatialization, transient...

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tomheavybeats 2 days ago
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Often sitting at the top of multiple charts, Louis Bell is one of the most successful songwriters, producers, and composers of...

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alibling 2 days ago