Hey Everyone!!!

I'm super stoked to release our newest plugin!!!! the ADC1 Compressor / Limiter!!!


here's some info on it below.

With its 4 modes, the ADC1 compressor gives you all the gooey compression you could ask for! Width control, wet / dry mix and oversampling all included in this compressor inspired by 2 of the most iconic compressors / limiters of the 50s and 60s. Turn off analog mode to get a flat EQ response, perfect for mix bus. The ADC1 compressor / limiter’s spanky compression is perfect for slamming drums and vocals! 

ADC1 Compressor / Limiter will be available at an introductory price of $55.99 (using code ADC1_5599) at kiiveaudio.com starting on November 9th 2022, and the sale will run through the entire month of November (afterward it will go up to $129.99).

ADC1 will also be available to any customers who already own at least one (1) paid kiive plugin for an extra discounted intro price of $40.99. just sent out that email with the loyalty voucher now but if you don't get it just contact [email protected] to get the voucher.

14 day Free trial:

Available in AAX, VST3, and AU formats.
Compatible with macOS X 10.7 & higher (M1 and Monterey native), Windows 7 & higher (Pro Tools 11 and

Youtube Vid:

This plugin will also be getting the Stereo Link sum and External side-chain update along with Xtressor in December.