We are proud to announce the update of TAN, our beloved and iconic free compressor, improved with our new "Hyper-compression" tech, along with many new features.

Thanks to our new technology, TAN 2 has become super light.
Note: the available presets use oversampling and preamp triggering, so TAN 2 will consume more resources. It is recommended not to select them if you want to use the plugin with less CPU consumption.


TAN 2 - What's new?

- Improved audio quality thanks to the oversampling inside the compressor.
- Super light.
- New "Hyper" engine.
- Internal sidechain.
- Stereo link control.
- Anti-aliasing.
- Various optimizations and graphical improvements.
- Resizable interface*

*Choose between 3 magnification values (1x - 1.5x - 2x) from the top right β–ΌSIZE drop-down menu.
Once the desired size has been selected, the plugin must be removed and re-loaded to apply the changes. This action affects the currently selected plugin. New instances of the same plugin will open with this magnification.

Now our classic analog VCA compressor is more versatile than ever with these new sound shaping options.

This 2nd version includes the following comp emulations:

- Hyper Tan (1x, 4x oversampling); TAN compressor based on new 'hyper compression' technology, giving faster and more accurate compression with less CPU consumption.
- Hyper Tan AA (1x, 4x oversampling); Anti-Aliasing version of TAN compressor, with smoothing on envelope followers.
- Hyper Double Tan (1x, 2x, 4x oversampling); Stereo version of TAN compressor, with stereo link control.
- Hyper Double Tan AA (1x, 2x, 4x oversampling); Anti-Aliasing of Stereo version TAN compressor, with stereo link control.
- Original Tan (1x); the original Tan compressor, based on sampling technology.

New Hyper engine

Our standard compressors run at 22kHz regardless of sample rate or oversampling; this implies that the reduction, attack, and release curves are not calculated for every sample but for every 'n' samples, where 'n' depends on the sample rate.
For example, on fast transients, the input level is evaluated correctly; however, the reduction is calculated after 'n' samples, so the signal containing the transient is not compressed in time, and the transient "escapes" compression.
Now, this new Hyper compression tech calculates the amount of compression and the attack and release curves at each sample, so compression is applied immediately and no longer after 'n' samples.
The speed of these new compressors can be further increased by oversampling while keeping the power consumption at 1/12th of standard compressors.

Technical information

β€’ Plug-in Format(s): VST2, VST3, AAX, AU
β€’ System Requirements
β€’ Available sample rates: 44.1 - 48 - 88.2 - 96 kHz
β€’ Windows 10 compatible
β€’ M1 macOS Monterey compatible

The product is at an introductory period for the first four weeks after release or until the first official version is released; this implies that the product may receive improvements, changes, or fixes available through Aquarius Desktop updates.

How to install TAN 2:

1. Create an account on the Acustica Audio website if you do not have one yet.
2. Download and install the Aquarius Desktop application.
3. Log in on the Aquarius Desktop using your username (email) and password.
4. Click on the purchased page, and scroll until you find the product you want to install.
5. Choose the plug-in format and click on the install button.
6. Aquarius application will automatically download, install, and authorize the product.
7. Run your audio host, DAW, or NLE.

How to install a product from Aquarius Desktop:

TAN 2 user's manual