TL;DW: MultiBandDistortion is an old weird gnarly sound wrecker

Some plugins just want to watch the world burn

I don't have all that much to say about this one. I've been needing to post it: I've got folks who ask me for soundgoodizer/OTT type things and try to get a 'slammed', deeply unnatural, multiband kind of effect going… and all my life I've been learning how to get AWAY from that kind of sonic disassociation and audio gibberish towards stuff with a very different texture. So I'm not a natural match for that kind of thing, and yet I get asked for my take on plugins like that.

So, long ago, I made MultiBandDistortion. I figured if you were going to wreck your sound, let's REALLY wreck it, and I did some very gnarly things in there that I now don't entirely understand. I know that if you turn 'stable' down, you get a choppy effect not unlike the ZVex Fuzz Factory pedal, only not: the interaction between the bands can get sketchy. Again, I don't remember how this worked and don't expect to be revising it or making it more controllable or cleaner: that kind of misses the point. If you're trying to get a slick version of this kind of thing you start by not using this kind of thing

But, it now exists as AU, VST, Linux VST, Win32 and Win64 VST, open source that can be slurped into other people's projects pretty easily, signed M1 AU and VST… so I've done my bit. I'm currently making a lot of progress on more sophisticated filters with coefficient interpolation (some of which are also bonkers, fair warning), and on a revision of my best buss compressor to help me with an album mixing project I'm doing for a favorite local musician, and a really unexpected twist that you'll see when some new kinds of videos start coming out… but for today, you've got a new toy. It's called MultiBandDistortion. Try not to cut your arm off with it unless you like that sort of thing

download 64 Bit Windows
download Signed M1/Intel Mac AUs.dmg
download Signed M1/Intel Mac VSTs.dmg
download Retro 32 Bit Windows
download Retro PPC/32/64 Mac
download Retro PPC/32/64 Mac
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All this is free and open source under the MIT license, brought to you by my Patreon.