Meet MetaTune, the best automatic tuner on earth

Say goodbye to expensive, buggy automatic tuners, because there’s a new game in town. MetaTune is the world’s hardest hitting tuner EVER. Get insane robo fx with negative speeds, a gorgeous interface that’s easy to use, and amazing new features like Grouped instances & a built-in Doubler for wide, thick vocals. From subtle, natural pitch adjustments to in-your-face fx, MetaTune is the automatic tuner you’ve been waiting for 🔮

✅ Hits Even Harder

Looking for that hard-hitting tuning effect that dominates modern music? Your search is over. We studied the leading automatic tuners and went even further with Negative Speed & Note Stabilizer. Get the hardest tuning effect imaginable with no absolutely zero note fluttering 🚫

✅ Easy Interface

MetaTune is dead simple to use, so you don’t need to watch dozens of YouTube videos to get started. Its clean, intuitive interface will have you ready to ride in seconds—even if you don’t know scales & chords. HeatMaps show you where your notes are landing & how they’re being adjusted. It couldn’t be easier ✨

✅ Groups Change the Game

Assign your MetaTune instances to Groups—changing one changes them all. And if you make those changes with automation, you can add dramatic key changes across tons of tracks in seconds. No more manually copying settings from one instance to another. This is automatic tuning the way it was meant to be 🤯

Inside Audio calls MetaTune “The most powerful and intuitive pitch correction plugin on the market.”

One listen & we think you’ll agree.


Let's get right to it. MetaTune vs AutoTune:

Learn about the revolutionary Note Stablizer feature and how it allows natural automatic tuning without the need for graphic mode:

Check out more detailed features of MetaTune: