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Today at Superbooth 2021, PWM announced the launch of the Malevolent Modular Pure Analogue Synthesizer.

“We can’t wait for you to see and hear Malevolent, our new unique-sounding keyboard instrument that lives both in the Modular Analogue world and your studio,” said Paul Whittington at PWM.

Malevolent highlights PWM’s commitment to deliver a ‘best in class’ value priced, modular analogue synth, with many exciting innovations such as bus power over USB-C.

Key Features

Modular Pure Analogue Synthesiser

• The purity of analogue modular engineering laid out as playable synthesiser for you to reconfigure
Independent Module Sections with Normalised Interconnects • The most logical synth layout but also fully re-patchable to any configuration Eurorack Standard (1V/Oct CV & Gate)
• Patch in from and out to any other Eurorack gear
USB-MIDI to CV Conversion with Arpeggiator and Joystick Controlled Additional Performance LFO
• At home in a studio and compatible with all other USB and MIDI gear Analogue clock I/O
• Sync it or use it as the Master clock source

Detailed Synth Design

The VCOs are derived from a 4046-based core, allowing for unique waveshaping possibilities. All sawtooth, triangle and pulse waveforms are effected by the VCO's shape control and modulation parameters. Effort has been taken to make this waveshaping behave non uniformly across the pitch spectrum, resulting in oscillators that come to life tonally before hitting the filter stage.

The VCF is an opto-FET controlled 2-pole Sallen-Key filter with different filter states at independent inputs. The filter has been designed to interact with the level of the oscillators at its input, as well as providing a wilder range of resonance than typically expected from analogue synthesisers. This allows for contrasting filter behaviours dependent on the parameter settings - expect sub-harmonic locking, easy self-oscillation and even phasing when using multiple state inputs from a single source.

The envelopes feature attack, decay, sustain and release controls, and have been designed with performance in mind. The time settings range from super-snappy to sensibly long, enabling these two sections to be more performative than typically found on other synthesisers.

The VCA is a discrete transistor-based design giving one last source of distortion, when needed. Open up the Drive to add some serious gain and saturate this final transistor stage. Using both CV inputs, modulation can be input to the VCA at ease, going all the way up into audio rate.

Provisional Pricing
Pricing MSRP:
* UK: £499.99 inc. VAT
* Europe: €579.99 inc. VAT

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