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Interphase Audio is proud to announce availability of the NDUCR Discrete, Class-A, dual-channel, 4-band, Inductive Equaliser.

A new equaliser is joining our range of EQ's

So far, all our EQ's have been based on our IP211 module, which is the middle input section of the Ark console.

This IP211 module is so amazing that it simply demanded spin-off products.

First we introduced the EQ8, which is eight of these IP211 modules put in a 6U 19" rack. Next came the EQ2.2 and EQ2.2-VU which feature 2 of the IP211 modules in a 2U 19" rack.

On request of some of our customers, the NDUCR fully focusses on the most important part of the IP211 module, being the 4-band inductive EQ.

The NDUCR is a Dual-Channel, fully Discrete, fully Analogue, Class-A design.

Each channel of the NDUCR features:
  • 4-band inductive EQ
  • Large 6-step frequency select knobs
  • 100mm faders for the finest control of cut or boost of each band
  • Bypass per fader for immediate "zeroing"
Inductor based circuits are the “holy grail” of equaliser designs, and impart a character all of their own.

The Interphase Audio NDUCR is a standard inductor-based design, as used in much favoured EQ’s dating back to the late 1950’s, but built with parts and performance that were impossible back then.

Our designers took the classic inductor design to the limit with custom built inductors and custom, precision OpAmps that sound cleaner and more subtle than anything possible before. The NDUCR is hand-crafted with traditional methods and solid design, but built to be cleaner and more accurate, without losing the distinctive sound of the inductor EQ.

The NDUCR combines the best of old and new.

Designed with respect for decades of recording technology but upgraded for todays workflow.

The NDUCR is a full analogue, Discrete, Class-A design and uses a total of 32 inductors, giving precise control and the distinctive inductor sound on each band.

The NDUCR does not have any fancy options.

There are just two channels of four bands of great sounding EQ, with switchable and overlapping frequencies.

Each band provides rotary switch selection of six - carefully selected - frequencies, overlapping the different bands, and chosen at musically pleasing intervals.

Directed by eight 100mm faders for the most precise - plus and minus 15dB - control of boost and cut, the faders also offer direct visual feedback of the setting of each band. Each fader can be bypassed for immediate “zeroing”.

It’s now available for €2250 / $2700 (prices exclude VAT)

The NDUCR can be ordered form your favourite professional recording products dealer, purchased off our page, or directly from Interphase Audio: