Louder Than Liftoff is proud to announce SILVER BULLET mk2

The Silver Bullet mk2 is the culmination of over 7 years of dreaming, designing, and building: a flagship 2RU stereo Bus/Line/Mic Tone-Amp that brings real analog mojo and streamlined workflow to the modern DAW-based studio.  While maintaining the hallmark intuitive workflow of the original mk1 unit thanks to the abundance of I/O and the built-in matrix router, the mk2 features expanded user-customizable MOJO, increased Tone Shaping options, and the new ASPECT RATIO stereo image enhancer—making this desert island tool even more versatile and powerful.  We even improved the meter and added much-requested fully balanced inserts.

When the Silver Bullet originally debuted in 2014 it was ground-breaking: a stereo analog “console” with cascading Mojo Amps and Tone Shaping EQ to glue and sweeten the mix bus, stems, and individual tracks of hybrid analog/digital studios. It even had Mic preamp modes and a built-in matrix I/O router. But we kept collecting ideas for making this powerful tool even more suited to our customers’ creative visions.

Answering the call for flexibility and customization, Silver Bullet mk2 delivers with its twin topology (A or N) Mojo Amps, and adds an exciting twist—a third Mojo slot accepting either new stereo Mojo Amp or Colour Modules.  This feature allows integrated processing like tube saturation, compression, or EQ to be inserted into the signal path after Silver Bullet mk2’s classic 'A' or 'N' inspired Mojo Amps for the ultimate in front and back end versatility that is unmatched by any other product in its class. An exciting evolution of the mk1 concept, the mk2 is the ultimate solution for making the sounds in your head come to life.

  • Tone-Amp™ analog Mix and Tracking processing modes with dedicated I/O
  • 'A' and 'N' cascading MOJO Amp™ circuit topologies inspired by classic American and British consoles from the 70's
  • MOJO Amp 'C' expansion slot to add Colour analog plugin modules or stereo Mojo Amp modules
    • Hitmaker 4000 Colour modules pre-installed
    • C-Drive: -6 to +18 dB
    • C-Mix: crossfade blend of processed and dry signal
  • Mix and Tracking Modes allows both Mix processing and Overdub / Tracking processing without any re-patching of cables or need for patch bays
    • Mix: process the 2-bus, bounce digitally recorded tracks and stems, combine with a DAW controlled summing system, or use with a passive summing in Folcrom mode.
    • Track: connect after your mic preamp, synth, sampler, etc.
    • Internal jumpers to optimize signal path for 2-in/2-out audio interfaces
  • Mic Modes allow Silver Bullet to function as a fully featured stereo microphone preamplifier with Polarity Reverse and 48V phantom power
  • Stereo signal path throughout with single set of easily recallable detented controls
  • Balanced TRS inserts post-MOJO, pre-TIGHT
  • Visually stunning 20-segment stereo high resolution output meter with RMS and peak indication
  • Mojo LEDs provide visual feedback of signal level intensity
  • Tone shaping EQ suite designed specifically for mix sweetening and broad stroke tone sculpting of individual tracks
    • Tight: 12 db/oct high pass filter with two frequency options for mixing and tracking
      • 25 Hz high pass filter with slight resonance at 40 Hz for tightening bottom end and increasing low frequency headroom
      • 50 Hz Butterworth response for removing rumble and tightening low end on individual tracks
    • Baxandall Tone EQ, +/-9 dB boost/cut
      • LF: Pultec-inspired Subsonic (30, 45 Hz) and Pultec-inspired Bass (60 Hz), and Body frequencies
      • HF: Mid, Presence, Brite, and Sheen frequencies
      • AIR: the original Silver Bullet air-band on a dedicated knob
    • Vintage: softens high frequency response to emulate vintage British consoles
  • ASPECT RATIO stereo imaging circuit to enhance width, height, and clarity of mix
  • Custom wound, American made transformers
  • ROGUE FIVE discrete op amps designed by Louder Than Liftoff, conforming to standard 2520 footprint
  • Class-A biased op amps
  • All circuit components chosen by ear for maximum MOJO

The initial run of Silver Bullet mk2 can be pre-ordered now, and is expected begin shipping in mid-late October.


Visit the Silver Bullet mk2 product page for further info, documentation & downloads:

Visit www.louderthanliftoff.com or email [email protected]

Thanks for supporting our mission over the years. Please post any questions you might have to this thread and I’ll respond here on Gearspace.


UPDATE Regarding Pre-orders: We sold out of the first batch, but will be making a 2nd limited batch available for pre-order on 9/3/21 at 8 am PST. This 2nd batch is expected to start shipping in January.