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Before the 1970’s, it was almost impossible to make a record without lots of tubes and tape. Analog tape machines were the primary way that music was recorded, and tubes were the most common amplifier technology used in preamps, mixers (ex. EMI REDD1 consoles), powered microphones (ex. Neumann U67), and guitar & bass amps (Ampeg, Fender, Vox, etc).

The sound that tubes and tape make together is incredible & unmistakable, both with their own complimentary flavors of harmonic saturation and nonlinear distortion. Listen to anything recorded at Motown, Muscle Shoals, Abbey Road, Stax Records, or Gold Star Studios in the 1960’s and you’ll hear that sound: fat, crunchy, rich, present tones.

As one regular client of Gold Star Studios put it: “You could literally smell the tubes inside the mixing board as they heated up. There was a richness to the sound that Western and United, our usual studios, never had. Those two rooms sounded ‘clean’ while Gold Star felt fat & funky.”

Even after the 60’s, tubes and tape continued to define sounds made all over the world — from King Tubby’s dubs in Waterhouse to the psychedelic rock of Shin Joong Hyun (신중현) in Seoul. (Of course, you can always drop out the tube to get the sound of an 80’s Chicago house bootleg cassette; or drop out the tape to get the sound of a boutique Los Angeles guitar amplifier of today.)

Tupe brings these analog sounds into the digital realm and makes it possible to blend in as much (or as little) coloration as you want from each element. We’ve also made it possible to boost the input drive to extreme levels — levels that could have easily fried the actual analog electronics — for more intense analog clipping. By combining the tube and tape processing in a single efficient plugin, Tupe can achieve a level of flexibility and fidelity not possible with separate plugins.


Nine tube circuit models
5751 Lo
5751 Med
5751 Hi
6L6 Lo
6L6 Med
6L6 Hi
EL34 Lo
EL34 Hi
More to come in future releases…

Four analog tape models
2 Track Hi
2 Track Lo
C90 Hi
C90 Lo
More to come in future releases…

Opto compressor/limiter

Configurable processing order

Optional SAT mode for compressing only the pre-saturation signal (very useful for highly dynamic material if you want a consistent level of saturation without obvious clipping or distortion)

Bias controls for both tube and tape for greater harmonic control

1960’s-style ladder filter with fully independent slope (both boost & cut) & resonance (both boost & cut)

Self-oscillating resonant filter modeling

Tilt equalizer

Level-compensated input drive

HQ Mode for even more analog-like sound

Analog-style master mix / global amount control

Novel emphasis section that applies Tupe’s ladder filter to the ‘pre-saturation’ signal (before tube/tape), allowing you to emphasize the saturation in certain areas while relaxing it in others, letting them pass through Tupe unsaturated.

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Version 3.6.1 is available now!

We’ve also refreshed our entire line of plugins to be better than ever. That’s right, if you’ve ever purchased a Goodhertz plugin, you can now download the latest & greatest version of that plugin — entirely for free.