BLYSS from Kush: Mastering EQ with VIBE

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Blyss Mastering Channel is a 3-stage processor - designed specifically to make busses — both mix and instrument — sound “prettier”. Despite having multiple cascading Saturations, a 6-band EQ and a mastering grade Compressor, all sections have been greatly simplified and reflect Kush’s old-school approach to processing: less is more, choices are limited but comprehensive, and all sections are designed to work together, making it nearly impossible to produce a bad sound.

In short, no matter how you set Blyss the result is likely to be some version of “better,” making its operation purely aesthetic with very little concern for the technical.

When first firing up Blyss, it’s tempting to grab the biggest knobs and go to town, but be aware: the heart of this machine is the unassuming Saturation section, which balances painstakingly modeled Input, Interstage, and Output transformers plus 3 discrete op-amp stages under 1 knob with 1 meter. Blyss’ Saturation is far and away Kush’s most mellow color circuit, leaning towards ‘subtly beautiful’ with a sensitivity and tuning that stays mellow and rich even when driven to obvious proportions.

$99, no iLok Dongle required

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