Serato opens the door to rappers and vocalists with their latest music production update

Serato has honed in on the Hip Hop music production market with the latest update of their Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), Serato Studio 1.6.

Designed to appeal to producers and—for the first time—rappers and vocalists, Serato Studio empowers artists and music creators with the ability to record from any source and features a number of audio editing improvements.

It’s the addition of the recording functionality to Studio 1.6’s simplified workflow that has Serato Chief Strategy Officer Nick Maclaren excited.

“The new features really round out Serato Studio and have helped it to grow into a powerful DAW, which producers will love. Sample-based producers especially will be happy with the ability to record from any source with this update. Now they can easily sample directly from vinyl or record vocals, and live instruments straight into Studio. It will save a lot of time and open up new creative ideas.”

Already popular amongst Hip Hop producers (including Hector Delgado, producer for A$AP Rocky), the new feature allows rappers or vocalists to easily record lyrics and quickly build a unique beat around them.

“Serato Studio now opens up music production to vocalists who want to rap or sing and then put a professional-level beat behind it,” says Maclaren. “With many DAWs there are technical barriers stopping vocalists from being able to make a simple loop but with Serato Studio you can record and make a beat within a few mouse clicks. It’s the workflow in 1.6 that makes recording unique, and helps vocalists and producers to get ideas down fast, which is often difficult in music production.”

By continuing to remove the technical barriers and complexity found in many DAWs without sacrificing function, Studio 1.6 is streamlining sample-driven music production and opening the door for future hitmakers.

Serato Studio is available for free download from

Serato Studio 1.6 Features Overview


Serato Studio 1.6 now allows producers and beat makers to record audio directly into the platform. The highly-requested feature speeds up production, eliminates the need for auxiliary recording applications, and creates a smoother workflow.

It further elevates Studio’s professional-level capabilities by giving producers the ability to seamlessly record and edit vocals (rapping, singing, etc...), instruments, and any other external source, including samples from vinyl. This opens up new creative possibilities and, with the addition of built-in FX and seamless editing, helps users to produce more complex, unique songs — faster.

As well as providing numerous advantages to experienced producers, the functionality broadens the appeal of Studio to a new group of artists — vocalists. By taking advantage of Studio’s intuitive UI, vocalists can use the beat maker as a sketchpad to record vocals before making a unique, professional-level backing beat in minutes — a cumbersome task in most other DAWs. This empowers vocalists and opens new creative avenues.

Audio Track Improvements

In Serato Studio 1.6, Audio Track capabilities have been expanded to bring more power and functionality to the Song View. The user-requested ability to drag and drop clips into other tracks helps to speed up workflow, allows for better clip organisation, and makes editing even easier — a must when paired with the new recording functionality.

A further three FX slots (six total) have been added to the Audio Track, while the ability to add FX directly to an Audio Deck Pad has been removed, a small and necessary redesign.

Beat makers will also be delighted to see that we have also added the ability to keep adding pads, so they can build their tracks with the depth they desire.

Serato Virtual Audio Driver

Last year Studio introduced the option to ‘Make Audio Available to other Applications’, which used a third party virtual audio driver to live stream audio to a third party application. For Studio 1.6, Serato created their own Virtual Audio Driver for Mac which is easy to install in-app. This gives you more control, and more importantly works with Big Sur, unlike third-party drivers.

The Driver works like a virtual cable that an application or operating system can send audio through for another application to receive. In the case of Live Streaming this is Serato DJ Pro/Studio sending the audio out, and a third-party receiving the audio.

Other Changes and bug fixes

Numerous smaller feature improvements and bug fixes including the ability to adjust the size of the library text and a number of crash fixes.