DaD Vinyl simulates the legendary and sought-after sound of old disc records, adding a soulful and nostalgic feel to your music. DaD Vinyl simulates the legendary and sought-after sound of old records.

Despite its name, it does not only imitate vinyl but also records made of other materials such as shellac resin, for example, that is the so-called “78” by collectors.

With DaD Vinyl you can customize the exact features of your virtual phonograph. This includes detailed control of tone parameters, rumble, disc damage, overall quality, stereo image, and even independent control of pops and scratches. You will hear the dust, hiss and mechanical noise of the turntable.

You can even decide directly in which year you want the recording to be made. Once the parameters have been adjusted to your liking DaD Vinyl is as easy to use as taking the disc in your hands and place it on the turntable.

And if you want to push your sound beyond the norm, some of DaD Vinyl modes allow for unusual tweaks when taken to their extremes. The possibilities are limitless.

With DaD Vinyl you can finally enjoy the experience of hearing your recording sounding like a true old recording, adding a soulful and nostalgic feel to your music.

-Real old disc recording sounds, with its classic feel, within the digital domain and with characteristics and control impossible to achieve in electro-mechanical turntables.

-Simulation of the most common disc record sounds 33, 45, and 78 RPM. Vynil, shellac resin, etc, with a full range of physical parameter control.

-Independent control of Overall quality, Rumble, Damage, Stereo Image, FRequency, Pops and Scratches

-A unique control of the year of the recording

-Easy and intuitive user interface.

-Proprietary system based on physical modeling providing independent control over all physical parameters.

-High signal-to-noise ratio due to high-quality internal resolution

****-No iLok required. Due to the nature of the authorization process this is a 1 license -1 installation plugin and is locked to the first machine that it is authorized on.

**** Windows not supported

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