ALDER AUDIO is a startup microphone company introducing our first product, the H44 ribbon mic.

The H44 is a passive ribbon with an innovative patent pending capsule design and two different voicings. The front of the mic gives a brighter voicing that works especially well on vocals, while the back of the mic gives a smoother more classic ribbon sound.

The H44 was created with an uncompromising attitude toward audio and a practical approach to design and manufacturing. The innovative design and high quality components, like our in house built toroidal transformer, give the H44 a truly world class sound. However, our low overhead direct sale business model and practical approach to design let us offer this mic at a launch price of $399.

Posted below is our drum demo video, which was mixed with nothing but volume, pan, and a master limiter. There is also a constantly growing set of demos available at

Our microphones are crafted individually in the U.S. and our volume is limited. The H44 is available on our web store at The store will display "out of stock" when we have run out of inventory, and new inventory will become available on the webstore every Tuesday at 1pm.

Thank you for reading, and questions are welcome.


Tyler Campbell