We're proud to introduce you to our first developed audio plug-in 'Techivation T-De-Esser'. It is a simplified and easy-to-use De-Esser that smoothes out high frequencies while maintaining a natural and musical sound.

As audio engineers, we always had a hard time finding a de-esser plugin that would actually get the job done the way we wanted without ending up using many different methods to have a bright sound without harshness. So that gave us the motivation to spend almost two years programming our own de-esser plugin.

Now the 'T-De-Esser' is finally available! and you can download and use it for free!

At the moment there are the 'AU' and 'VST3' formats available. The 'AAX' format will also be available very soon. We will keep you posted if you sign up for our newsletter.

More information is available on our website: https://techivation.com/t-de-esser/

Download it here (for free): https://techivation.com/store/T-De-Esser-p372420108

We'd appreciate hearing your feedback!

Hope you enjoy it!
Techivation team