Dreadbox announces a super limited edition of the Typhon synthesizer-typhon-3-1024x768.png

We proudly announce a super Limited Edition of the Typhon.

What’s so special about it? This edition offers you Bank D with 64 new, gloomy sounds curated by Dimitris Pavlidis, the man behind the synth-shop Synthesizer.gr and the band Selofan plus a fantastic new design in Black and Copper colour!

About the Typhon:
Typhon has been developed with ultimate care and love, so as to be a great-sounding, portable and affordable synthesiz. It has a complex modulation routing, 256 preset memory, a 32 note sequencer, and powerful stereo effects developed by Sinevibes. Since it is packed in a compact USB powered lil’ box, it can be carried everywhere you go!

We hope you enjoy this ride on the dark side of sound!

Get yours only at: https://www.synthesizer.gr/dreadbox-typhon-ltd-ed-en