TL;DW: XBandpass is a distorted digital EQ, inspired by retro sampler DSP.

Hi! This is the bandpass version of the X series Airwindows filters. If you know what a bandpass is you can probably figure out what's going on here.

All the real action's in the packaging today. This has Mac M1/Intel AU and VST versions included in a Mac .dmg file: open that and you see the Code Signed versions of the Mac AU and VST. I use the .dmg file to 'staple' the code signed version together, so it serves a purpose besides just making you click more: it's going to be like that from now on, hope that's OK for people. The Linux .so file is also right there at the root level. So is the 64 bit Windows VST. Then, there's another folder marked 'Retro': in this, is the OLD school Mac AU and VST, the one that isn't compiled for M1 Macs, but is compiled for G3, G4, 32 bit Intel and 64 bit Intel Macs. If you're running an old school Mac these are probably the ones you want, and they're also an option for troubleshooting if you're on an Intel machine and want an alternate build. I don't know if they'll run any different but they use a different compiler, on a different MacOS. And lastly, in the 'Retro' folder, is the 32 bit Windows VST.

I'll be going back and updating all my old uploads to include all these formats, though it'll take a long time so I might not rush off and immediately do it. If this sounds like a horrible arrangement to dig through I'm happy to hear suggestions, the Signed Mac AU and VST just have to be in a '.dmg' file or files, and I'd like to not have people immediately grab the retro Mac AU and VST at first glance. I could put the Win32 alongside the Win64: I'm not sure how much of a thing 32-bit Windows VSTs still are, I just will continue to provide them.

Since nobody wants to go click on hundreds of individual downloads any more than I want to update them one by one, here is where you get collections of ALL the plugins, but broken down by type of plugin this time. got too big. Now, there's a separate download for each type, and every one has its own 'what.txt' file, which is just a list of the plugins with their little blurbs: but this time, in ALPHABETICAL order. That should help.

download 64 Bit Windows
download Signed M1/Intel Mac AUs.dmg
download Signed M1/Intel Mac VSTs.dmg
download Retro 32 Bit Windows
download Retro PPC/32/64 Mac
download Retro PPC/32/64 Mac
Mediafire Backup of all downloads
All this is free and open source under the MIT license, brought to you by my Patreon.