Finally, after long time. Extremely proud of this and happy of coming out of a quite overloading experience.

MixingRoom is the perfect tool for mixing stereo music through headphones.
Working in a great sounding room to get a balanced sound isn't always possible.
MixingRoom offers a fully immersive experience when using headphones for stereo music mixing.
Once done, checking the mix in critical places (like cars) is key to a good (and quick) mix. Being able to rotate your head gives you the real feeling of the overall balance in that place.

Main features are:

- Ever growing database of headphones calibration (use the model you prefer).
- 360°*360° sound experience: a perfectly fixed position of the listener doesn't exist. We get cues from slight movement of the head and, when focusing on details, decise rotation towards a monitor. MixingRoom lets the engineer move his "virtual head". Many "person" models are available: select the most similar to your real-world experience and stick to that.
- Physical, non-linear models of audio monitors: stress the monitors to hear with a bit of saturation and get more cues.
- Three classes of monitors: mains, high-performance, cheap (for checks).
- Anechoic versions of the monitors (to avoid the "room in a room" effect when needed).
- Positional ambience improves the experience providing even more cues.
- Synthetic and real environments: get the best possible performances from the room or mix in a real space, always with 360°*360° experience.
- Use headphones and earbuds as listening target: more and more music is listened to through headphones. Check the balance there.
- Places: a normal room, a club, a car with its car radio, check your mix in places. Growing library of places.
- 3x3 target matrix: monitors and rooms, headphones and earbuds, places. Define it for quick switching from a target to another one and back.

Easily share the listening environment with clients.

Announced as a VST/AU/AAX plugin for Windows and Mac OSX systems.

Currently in beta. Write to quintosardo at yahoo dot it if interested. Don't forget to include your username on our website (please register if you didn't. It is the system we use for distribution).

MSRP: 99.99$. Special launch price: 49.99$.

(Interested in adding to the real or virtual "Studios" and to the "Places" libraries or getting your own studio as a virtual one for your own use when travelling? Please write to quintosardo at yahoo dot it for info).

Updated list of currently included headphones (scroll to bottom)