Audeze LCD-X and XC

Ever since the LCD-X and XC were introduced, we’ve continually refined them over the
years, striving to develop the best headphones for both the studio professional and the
audiophile. Some recent examples of these refinements are the headbands and ear
Even more importantly, the critical thin film we use for our diaphragms has been
revised and improved. From the original thicker film we started with, to the much thinner
film we started using a few years ago - even the chemical composition has morphed
over time.

Far ahead of the entire planar magnetic industry, Audeze moved very early on from
chemical etching to laser etching – we even hold several patents for this process. The
latest versions of the Editor’s Choice - and record producer’s reference – LCD-X and
XC have improvements for more consistent performance, with newly optimized
magnetic circuits that offer the sonic excellence our users have known for many years.
We also modified the LCD earpad material to get a better seal around the ears on
differently shaped heads for a more consistent sonic experience. All of this is with an
eye towards continually improving our products so that you have the best possible
listening experience.
All LCD-Xs produced from November 23, 2020 and all LCD-XCs
produced since November 9, 2020 have these improvements.

Additionally, we’re including our new economy carry case at no additional charge in the
LCD-X and LCD-XC Creator packages. And for the Premium LCD-X/XC packages, we
now include the 4 pin balanced XLR cable and a 6.3mm to 3.5mm adapter cable (in
addition to the standard 6.3mm cable).

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