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Why the change? Will the apps continue to work?
Old 12th November 2013
Why the change? Will the apps continue to work?

Why the change?

More than a quarter of the forums traffic is via mobile devices.

And it's near impossible to keep pace with changes in screen size and operating systems (for example our iPhone app is out of date and displays in iPhone 4 format) and just serving Apple and Android devices leaves people with other devices out in the cold

Forum browsing apps can look a bit boring and I didn't like what was on offer. So we made our own.

We have tried to make the responsive website easy to read and operate and look like and we recognise that we still have long way to go in developing it.

We want to have our sponsors ads visible on all formats now; web, tablet and phone and have a lot of feature sets to add in the near future.

Rebuilding each app every time we add something new will not work out long term. Nor will only supporting Apple and Android devices.

Will the apps continue to work?

For the next few weeks or months only. Then they will be phased out probably in the new year 2014. All people using the apps are urged to start trying the mobile web browser version of the forum.

Why can't we keep the apps going?

We no longer want to support and update the apps.
Old 9th December 2013
We have a lot of new features planned to be rolled out in 2014

As each feature comes online, we can't keep rebuilding the 3 apps each time and submitting to the Apple store and Android Play and waiting for the approval.

We need to be able to make changes quickly.

Also a lot of people were accessing the site via an unauthorised back door via Tapatalk's paid app.

We bought and paid for our app to be given away free, and we didn't sign up for being in the Tapatalk eco system.. (Which didn't display our sponsor advertisers' ads)

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