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Tips and tricks for using the new responsive version of the forum
Old 12th November 2013
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Lightbulb Tips and tricks for using the new responsive version of the forum

This thread will be updated with hints, tips, and cool tricks for using the new mobile version of Gearslutz.com (last modified Wednesday 8th January 2014)

- What do we mean by 'responsive'? The site now formats itself to the size of your browser window, which means it will auto-adjust if it knows you are using a phone or a tablet. If you want to see this in action, on a desktop browser, simply make your browser narrower. You will see the site flip to first the 'tablet' sized view, and eventually, the 'phone' sized view.

- Tap the semi-transparent *****slutz' logo at the top of the page in mobile view to automatically scroll back to the top of whatever you're looking at! Tap it when at the top of any page and it will take you to the forum home page!

- On iOS, in Safari, if you tap the 'share' button and then select 'add to home screen' it will add a Gearslutz icon to your home screen which will make forum access feel very much like accessing an app. You can do this for any particular link that suits you - if, for example, you have a list of forums you always check when you login, or perhaps just your Participated Threads, why not add each link to the home screen and then pop them in a *****slutz' folder? You'll then have one-tap access to all your most-used forum features or sub forums via those bookmarks.

- The 'three horizontal lines'/'hamburger' icon on the top left is the 'nav drawer.' This brings out a bunch of frequently-used forum features for one-tap access, such as Private Messaging, Participated Threads, Chat Room, the Classifieds, Reviews, Events, Competitions and much more. Try it!

- There is a new red notification badge that will show you how many unread PMs you have. This will appear to the right of the nav drawer in the mobile view.

Tap on this to be taken directly to your messages.

- If you are using a mobile version - rather than open up the forum (using your saved bookmark) and searching and navigating back to a thread you were looking at earlier - instead try to get in the habit of checking your open browser tabs instead...

Your page might still be there!

Select it - refresh it, and you are good to go!

- Because the layout of the forum is "responsive" it is sensitive to the width of the window it is open on.

There is only "one size" of browser window for most mobile browsers, so it should behave 'as expected' on a mobile device.

But, if something doesn't look quite right on the desktop view, your browser window may be too narrow for an 'ideal' layout. Try widening it until things fall into place where they are supposed to be!

By the same token, if you want the "mobile view" on your desktop, all you have to do is make your browser window narrower. It will flip first to 'tablet' view and then eventually to 'phone' view as it gets narrower.

(try this at the side of you DAW sessions! It allows you to have a tall skinny side panel version of Gearslutz while you work on other stuff).

- Tablet: Frequently used tabs (my posts, PMs etc) are now directly tappable in the 'header'.

You'll have less need to open the navigation drawer.

- At the moment we are finding the best mobile experience on iOS is via the Google Chrome browser (free from the App store).

Two things - first, it seems much faster. Second, it's got a great inbuilt keyword search on pages, so if you have to sift through an epic thread and you're looking for something specific, it's really handy! You can find the word search ('Find In Page') in the drop-down menu

- If you are running Android and Gearslutz is not remembering your login details, please see this post here:

Old 27th January 2014
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The latest version of Chrome for iOS has a great feature where it routes data via Google's servers and compresses it before delivering it to your browser (much like BlackBerry has done for years).

Give this a go if you want to minimise data usage on the run!

To enable it, download/update to the latest version of Chrome from the App Store.

Tap the hamburger menu/nav drawer, then tap Settings -> Advanced -> Bandwidth and you'll be given the data saving option.

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