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My Studio 
  • Desktop Synthesizers
  • x0xb0x

    Adafruit Industries x0xb0x x 2

    Have an original LadyAda and one of the Chinese mass-produced ones with the very important on/off switch mod :)

    Waldorf Microwave

    Rev. A

    Currently out of action because I lost the fuse holder cover FML
    Microwave XT

    Waldorf Microwave XT

    Had one, sold it. Regretted it, bought another one :D
  • Drum Machines & Samplers
  • Keyboard Synthesizers
  • Polysix

    Korg Polysix

    KiwiSix mod. Currently in need of service/repair/PSU upgrade!

    Roland SH-101

    Modded with patch points, LFO range switch (Normal, Slow, Fast which goes to audio range!), Osc. Saw/Tri switch.
  • Multi-Effects Processors (HW)
  • Rackmount Synthesizers
  • Other Gear I've Used 
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  • Vermona M.A.R.S.

    Quirky 1RU 2 Osc. mono synth with not the nicest filter in the world (nasty in a bad way resonance) and a handy dedicated controller.
  • Desktop Synthesizers
  • Nord Rack 3

    Clavia Nord Rack 3

    Another regretful sale.
  • Drum Machines & Samplers
  • Keyboard Synthesizers
  • Mono/Poly

    Korg Mono/Poly

    Why did I sell it? WHY???
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  • Desktop Synthesizers
  • Keyboard Synthesizers