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My Studio 
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  • recording:
    2015 MacPro 6 core
    HDX Pro Tools 12
    UAD Octocard
    Avid 16 i/o
    Apogee DA16x and AD16x
    Helios type 69 (2)
    Avalon737-SP (2)
    Amek BC2-- 10 preamps.
    Api 4124+-- 4 preamps
    Universal Audio 6176 and LA-810 preamps
    Neve (1970's) (2 designed for kick and snare)
    Telefunken V72 x 2
    Neve Vintage 1074 preamp/eq
    Hedd Type 20 speakers
    Focal Alpha 80 speakers
    Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grand
    1970's JBL Studio Monitors
    Neuman u-87,
    Neuman KM84,
    Neuman TLM 170 r
    Coles ribbon mics (2),
    Rode NT1,
    Sennheiser 421 x 3,
    Shure sm57 x 3,
    AKG Solidtube
    Keys/Synths/Drum Machines;
    Oberheim DMX Drum Machine, Solina String Ensemble, EMS Synthi-A, Arp Odyssey (Blackface), Arp 2600, Hammond A-100 with Leslie 127, Pro One, Korg Poly800, 2 MicroMoogs, Moog Source. Korg Poly800, Hohner Clavinet (red and white 1960) Novation Drum Station

    Amps: Ampeg SVT CLassic bass amp with 4x12 cabinet,
    2x modern Marshall amps with cabs,
    2x 1970's Fender Twin amps,
    Supro vintage small blue amp, Fender Blues Deluxe, Kustom 1970's reissue, 1970's Kustom Bass Amp (Motown version), Leslie 900, SWR Goliath Bass Cabinet

    1980 Les Paul Standard Sunburst
    1962 Gibson Melody Maker
    1979 Fender Stratocaster
    1980 Fender Jazzmaster
    3x various USA Stratocasters
    1968 Gibson SG
    1980 SG
    1972 Fender P Bass
    1974 Rickenbacker 4001 Bass
    Martin 1966 Acoustic Guitar
    1968 Hoffner Acoustic Guitar
    1964 Hoffner Club Bass
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