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Some great info here from a valued and knowledgeable source. you know who you are ;)... While usually copying other copywritten...

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drBill 25th March 2021
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Hi all I'm working on a new business model with a huge lump of fair trade for the composer. I need a bit of market research...

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spiderman 19th August 2019
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In some kind of misguided attempt to attract some of the excellent working writers, producers and mixers in the film and game biz...

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Shockwave 6th November 2015
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Introducing SphereTrax - A carefully curated gallery of high end soundtracks, songs, a cutting edge label and an innovative...

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SphereTrax 10 minutes ago
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I found this thing of quantize all tracks when you do a film score mockup. Many people say that results are good and that most...

Max Pa
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Max Pa 1 day ago
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For the past two quarters, I received unexpectedly high deposits from ASCAP! One of them though, I'm not sure why... For...

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TomPaul 2 weeks ago
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Hello, fellow Gearslutz people, I guess I haven't posted anything for a while. I've been lurking around here, enjoying...

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Xavier001 3 weeks ago
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Hello, Royalties on most shows fade over time as less people are interested in a show and the shows get replaced by other...

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riffwraith 3 weeks ago
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Hello, I am getting ready to join BMI as a production music writer. My goal is to work with standard publishing companies in...

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gearstudent 3 weeks ago
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marchinstin 4 weeks ago
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Hi all! I wrote a bunch of production music between 2015-2019, a decent portion of which is still being used, but then kinda...

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Rasmus Faber 4 weeks ago
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Hi, Does anyone have German detections these days? I usually have detections almost every day till May, but now it's zero...

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SonicMoon 4 weeks ago
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hi all. ive been using the ostinatos for a while but just invested in lots of the phrase based libraries. they are great BUT so...

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riffwraith 24th May 2022
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Suddenly I received a large check from ASCAP and an even larger check from Tunecore. They are in the several...

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Trashman 24th May 2022
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Hi Guys and Girls, I 've been producing for a very long time but just recently started playing around with orchestral and...

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SDK 19th May 2022
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Hey all, Just recently watched the 2020 remake of Stephen King's "The Stand", I thought it was pretty good. One of...

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avensis 14th May 2022
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How do you control dynamics in the LPG (Legato/Portamento/Glissando) patches - when the velocity parameter is used to trigger the...

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avensis 14th May 2022
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Hey folks, I register my songs at SESAC both as publisher and writer. So far, I tracked all TV shows where my music is...

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FrankDandrea 6th May 2022
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Hi, Just found their site, but have never heard of them myself. Does anybody here have any experience with them? Good,...

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music4media 3rd May 2022
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Hey everyone. I'm sound effect artist like nature sounds and relaxation sounds. I bought Boost subscription on Amuse but later...

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riffwraith 3rd May 2022
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Ah nevermind, please just delete this thread. It's all a waste of time anyway

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mdme_sadie 30th April 2022
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Hi all, Today I published an open letter to raise awareness of the aggressive devaluation and exploitation that's currently...

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Desire Inspires 21st April 2022
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Hello, I noticed a lot of production music is centered around ostinatos, where a repeating pattern evolves and builds, without...

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allklier 16th April 2022
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In a tricky situation where publisher B wants a track right now, possibly for a theme of a show where I have recreated short...

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sourpatch 13th April 2022
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Hey guys, I'm a studio engineer who has been asked to help with an independent project for film. While I'm very well across...

Jupiter Whistles
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gearstudent 8th April 2022
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Not to be a Debbie Downer, but anyone who has created music for media has songs that have been used and have not received...

Desire Inspires
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Desire Inspires 3rd April 2022
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I'm early in the process of putting together music videos for a few songs I made. I just got Magix Video Pro X 11, but am just...

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PHG 26th March 2022
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Get the in-depth story behind the score for Uncharted, in this interview with award-winning composer Ramin Djawadi - here, he...

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riffwraith 25th March 2022
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For my live productions, I want to add a similar display that has this kind of info. Hans also uses streamers here which I can...

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InnerForceMusic 24th March 2022
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Can someone please explain to me the difference between NTSC, PAL, and HD audio/video formats and why it might be important to...

session bass
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session bass 21st March 2022
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I know I sound like an idiot in this post. And I know what site I'm on. Please go easy. Hey all! So I'm a US composer, my...

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riffwraith 15th March 2022
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Desire Inspires 14th March 2022
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I have a question regarding licensing out my music. Do I use a 3rd party service that allows me to post all of the music I'm...

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drBill 14th March 2022
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From the article: "All visual productions that use music require a synchronization license (AKA "sync license")...

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drBill 14th March 2022
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I assume its fairly straightforward, processing a single dynamic mic and probably a couple of crowd mics. I'm just curious and...

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drBill 14th March 2022
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Hello, My production music process is going to be a combination of vst instruments and also live instruments, including the...

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drBill 14th March 2022
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Interesting. I always scoff at arts like this; they are always filled with some truths, but always have some non-truths,...

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drBill 14th March 2022
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Got a small royalty check for youtube plays with performance type FF. Any idea what that means? None of the videos show the...

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riffwraith 11th March 2022
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Anyone come across this library? $200 a year unlimited downloads. A very user friendly model but wondering how good it is for...

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mrnabo 5th March 2022
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Hello, As I develop my classical instrument arranging skills, I am finding that having some convincing and pleasant-sounding...

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muziksculp 27th February 2022
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When delivering video exports for clients to review, is there a filename code/abbreviation for delivering video exports a) with...

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FastMusic 18th February 2022
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Hey everyone, I just posted my final "music licensing" based podcast. I'd rather stub my toe than talk any longer...

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JohnFulford 9th February 2022
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Dear Slutz, Is anyone else here distributing his work (to appear on Spotify etc.) via Songtradr? I actually have two...

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Desire Inspires 29th January 2022
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Hello, I recently got down into the rabbit hole of library music and there is so much to discover - some really great music...

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filter_freak 28th January 2022
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So given that this forum is filled with library music related topics, I thought it might be an idea for us all to share our own...

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mikevsmike 26th January 2022
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I am not one for posting product announcements here, but this is exciting. And if it's not D2, I am sure it will be awesome....

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Shaggy2039 24th January 2022
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I have some tracks due be released in the USA with Warner Chappell Production Music. I've heard lots of positive things about...

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drBill 18th January 2022
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Hi! What softsynth would you recommend for realistic strings, woodwinds and brass etc? I was offered a job to make ”cinematic...

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Ronski 12th January 2022
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I've basically always written from a totally blank slate, pulling up a piano in Kontakt, then grabbing a Bass from EZ Bass,...

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feck 10th January 2022
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I'm starting composing again after very long break so I need to buy a new computer (PC) but also sound libraries. I own I think...

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Falcon1 9th January 2022
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Hello, Orchestral Tools has a sale right now: all five Metropolis Arks for 999 Euros. Is this something to capitalize on? I'm...

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riffwraith 9th January 2022
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So I thought it would be kinda fun to go through my end-of-year financials and make a little visual representation of my income...

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David Parfit 3rd January 2022
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Hi everyone, Edit: Let me start by saying: it’s BPM in stead of BMP. I can’t recall where I heard or read this but it was...

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riffwraith 29th December 2021