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Some great info here from a valued and knowledgeable source. you know who you are ;)... While usually copying other copywritten...

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drBill 25th March 2021
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Hi all I'm working on a new business model with a huge lump of fair trade for the composer. I need a bit of market research...

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spiderman 19th August 2019
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In some kind of misguided attempt to attract some of the excellent working writers, producers and mixers in the film and game biz...

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Shockwave 6th November 2015
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Hi all, I've been doing sound and music for video games every day for about 12-13 years now, and audio for about 28...

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Jabrail Henders 2 days ago
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drBill 2 days ago
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Hello, I'm wondering how the earnings-per-year of a track typically changes over its first ten years of life. Does the track...

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Desire Inspires 3 days ago
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Is there anyone up on this with regarding Scorekeepers. I was gonna sign an exclusive with them and someone warned me not to...

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mwarsell 5 days ago
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joshreiss 1 week ago
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Hi guys, Jesse Josefsson is helping people out to be successful as a composer in the Production Music world. He states he...

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Jeff Hayat 1 week ago
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Most of the composers I meet at music houses and for film/tv work in Logic, and some use other DAWs though I haven't met many...

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Radiussound 1 week ago
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Hello friends, I can see that moving a video clip into Ableton Live 11 on the Mac works quite well. I can't get the same...

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Jeff Hayat 2 weeks ago
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Hello To Everyone and Hope Everybody is Safe, I just got a second email direct from my website from this NRG Agency about...

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ehrenebbage 2 weeks ago
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Writing music comes easily to me. I can't say the same about making time-based edits. I have quite a few tracks with different...

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Cosmicdolphin 2 weeks ago
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Hey, I have a master (by a mastering engineer), he has trimmed the blank audio intro from my file slightly. I need to make...

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Cosmicdolphin 2 weeks ago
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So given that this forum is filled with library music related topics, I thought it might be an idea for us all to share our own...

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jcn7 2 weeks ago
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hello, im trying to make some reliable big city street reverb to a scene. i'm using 2c-audio Aether who had a "street"...

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millea8 2 weeks ago
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For me uncharted territory, possibly just a booby trap. I've been asked if I would be interested in making some music for a...

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RetroFunk 2 weeks ago
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Hi all, Looking for recommendations on reverb/s (plugs) which seem to "sit" the best when trying to get cohesion and...

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Paul_G 2 weeks ago
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Maybe the oddest thing I've come across in recent months. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rZ7onunn48

Adrian Cook
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boombapdame 3 weeks ago
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Greetings all, Quick question that came about from a side comment I've heard. I'm doing the occasional film scoring...

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ScoThoBor 3 weeks ago
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Hi, Just found their site, but have never heard of them myself. Does anybody here have any experience with them? Good,...

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RobbieT 3 weeks ago
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There's a littler over two hours left for the Spitfire Audio summer sale. I have the Kepler string library among other things in...

Todd M
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Todd M 3 weeks ago
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Anybody here using Songtradr for anything? I recently joined, kind of by accident while trying to test out the site, and I ended...

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lornemalvo 4 weeks ago
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"Discovery has informed many of its top composers that, beginning in 2020, they must give up all performance royalties...

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Desire Inspires 4 weeks ago
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Just seen a job vacancy for a music library, and I fulfil all the requiremanets but have no idea what a "sting out"...

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drBill 5th August 2021
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After several years of pain-free cooperation, TuneCore moved away from DropBox for WAV uploads, without telling anyone. Two...

John Morton
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Jeff Hayat 3rd August 2021
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After several years of pain-free cooperation, TuneCore moved away from DropBox for WAV uploads, without telling anyone. Two...

John Morton
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John Morton 3rd August 2021
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Adrian Cook 31st July 2021
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Hey guys, I'm a composer who's thinking of releasing some music soon, and I was thinking about joining a P.R.O. I've never been...

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drBill 29th July 2021
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Where have all the old timers gone? Sam Watson? etch-a-sketch? How about the guy releasing 10,000 songs a year? I know...

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narcoman 29th July 2021
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Hello, I have been making excellent progress on my production music endeavors. However, I am finding drums to be the least...

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markmann 29th July 2021
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Good Afternoon, I signed with a NR agency early 2020. I was informed by that agency that most countries have still not...

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LesStratTele 28th July 2021
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I placed a track in a show on Hulu ( my one and only placement in 15 years !). A friend was telling me that the royalties for...

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Desire Inspires 24th July 2021
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Would someone who has written for mobile apps be willing to pm me and relate any typical ranges (ballpark is fine) and licensing...

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Mullaha 20th July 2021
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Hi all, I need some advice to price correctly a music license. I've been contacted by the producer of a Comedy Serie that will...

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Danny Scott 16th July 2021
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Anyone familiar with a library/pub called Evolution Media Music? Just found their briefs, and am wanting to submit, but have...

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Danny Scott 16th July 2021
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Hey guys, I hope you are doing well during these crazy times. A month ago I left ASCAP and applied for BMI membership. However,...

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implant 15th July 2021
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There’s a company named Fervor Records that wants some of my songs for licensing. Here’s the deal they’re offering....

dick swifter
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dick swifter 14th July 2021
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Hello, I will need to join a PRO to pitch to royalty-based publishers. These are the PRO's I am aware of: ASCAP...

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gearstudent 8th July 2021
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I've been waiting for a new room for awhile now. Working in a temporary space, and my console and synths have been in storage. ...

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jerry123 5th July 2021
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Link: https://youtu.be/ASzOzrB-a9E?t=68 The sound happens at 1:10, and sounds like a rapid synth pluck. But it has an...

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Cosmicdolphin 3rd July 2021
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Hello, I have been writing 30 second compositions, with some 15 seconds long. Commercials are 30 seconds long usually. So...

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gearstudent 29th June 2021
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Hi there folks. I have a bit of a sideline project going in and need a wonderfully designed album cover. Can anyone recommend...

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Honkermann 29th June 2021
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Hi I'm looking for some more insights into producing music a bit like...

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Desire Inspires 22nd June 2021
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The Composer Success Series: Composing for film, with Pinar Toprak, Nainita Desai, & Jonathan Snipes How do you succeed...

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Fred Story 20th June 2021
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Hello, I've been doing prototyping over the past several months. I am now getting ready to release approximately 20 short tracks...

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Cosmicdolphin 18th June 2021
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Hi everyone, I'm very new to this side of music (tried the artist route; didn't work out). As a way to help me out, my father...

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Cap'n Spanky 18th June 2021
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Hey all. It's long form and will most likely hit some festivals and end up online. I've done a lot of arranging for songwriters,...

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seanmccoy 15th June 2021
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I have a couple of projects coming up where we’ll need to do remote spotting sessions somehow. Curious if anyone else is...

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jazz4 14th June 2021
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Hello everyone! I am planning on finally diving into Samuel Adler’s The Study of Orchestration. I have the 3rd edition and I...

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muyusah 13th June 2021
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Hey guys, I'm new here, I don't know much about filming. I plan to make several music videos, for my music. I'm wondering what...

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Jeff Hayat 13th June 2021
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Is there anyone who knows how to make a MIDI file out of a .jpg of a score. (I hate to say we are not in a rush but....)

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santibanks 12th June 2021
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Hi I'm looking for someone to mix a 2 minute title sequence for film score with a lot of orchestra samples in 5.1. I've been...

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drBill 10th June 2021