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Here is a step by step video to make a track like "Legends of Azeroth" (World of Warcraft) from...

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Dzhizus 20th October 2022
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Hello guys, i did a full soundtrack for the American Theft 80s game. This was my first job in the game industry and a great...

OST Audio
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OST Audio 15th March 2022
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Hi, I'm writing a paper on how video games and video game music influenced music production in the last decades up until...

Step Saturn
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Christus int. 28th December 2021
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Acclaimed Composer Martin Stig Andersen (LIMBO, Inside, Control and many more) scored the latest release of Turtle Rock...

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aand 9th December 2021
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Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you to my latest work: Believe. This is the soundtrack to the video game of the same...

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LockenCharlie 27th September 2021
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How do you connect to the right people for making or including music in video games? Was able to completely by accident in 2005...

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TheLateNight 15th September 2021
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Nemisindo (the Zulu word for ‘sounds’) is a start-up company delivering sound design services. ...

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joshreiss 7th September 2021
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I'd like to know how they recreate the engine sound in Forza Horizon 4. I know they record the real engines, they probably use...

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dfghdhr 28th August 2021
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I am looking for any good options to distribute Video Game Soundtracks? I have used CD Baby in the past for regular music and...

becks bolero
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becks bolero 9th August 2021
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Here is my thought process on creating a map to complete projects. Does anyone have any other tricks to make life easier while...

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standingwave 6th July 2021
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Film / TV / Video Game composer Shaun Chasin let us into his studio to talk about his approach for scoring the video game “Way...

Soundiron Team
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RandyGold 27th April 2021
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Leave feedback if you'd like to!

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amontoro 25th December 2020
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Hey! Does anyone have any idea how Nintendo wii’s menu sounds are made ? Specifically I’m interested in the sound at...

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FionaSmith 2nd September 2020
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Hi, I've made a track, but do you think it's worth putting in my reel or should I redo it with more care paid to theory? Are...

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conker 12th August 2020
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Hello people, I would like to slowly start getting into music for games, and I want to create a demo reel, but I also read...

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Duckerson 16th July 2020
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Guys i have a track that i produced and wrote for a singer and she got another producer to do a remix! A friend of hers is doing...

Audio Child
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Audio Child 6th July 2020
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Hey all, I'm working on a game for release on Xbox/PC/Mac and I'm just wondering if anyone know of any stats regarding how...

Deleted 68555ba
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Deleted 68555ba 21st October 2019
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Hi guys, I'm hoping for some feedback on my latest piece. It's the music for a game demo I'm preparing as a portfolio piece...

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RobBurnley 30th July 2019
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Frankly I know that so much music in games is underrated and so on. But I wonder if we see like stuff like serial composition in...

Deleted f4257cf
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Deleted f4257cf859ab79e 12th April 2019
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Dear gearslutz people, I am a composer and working sometimes as a sound designer. My question seeking your priceless knowledge...

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soklamon 28th March 2019
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xc0GjtZFNBM Composed/produced/mixed/mastered by EL PRASO 2018 Graphics: Portrayal of the Reverend Praso ________ "The...

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elpraso 16th February 2019
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One piece of advice that was given to me was by a TV composer, who suggested I find greenlit TV shows, write music for that show...

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BenitoChiles 8th January 2019
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Hi everyone, I'm posting this thread to announce the release of a small soundtrack I've written for a non-existent RPG game....

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LostintheBardo 8th January 2019
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This is one of around four tracks I have written for an indie video game developer who makes horror type first person...

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LostintheBardo 26th November 2018
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Hello people, I am interested in either getting an online Master's Degree in Music for Games (and other media, if possible),...

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denstrow 27th October 2018
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Hi there. I produce electronic music, mainly trance but also like house and techno. I am thinking about a career making music...

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Asonic 28th September 2018
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Can someone tell me how many hours a day does a video game composer typically works? Is it the same as a music producer?

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Sharp11 17th September 2018
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What would you start doing today? I’ve been hearing a lot about Wwise and Unity for audio implementation so I guess I’ll...

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bschmidt 3rd September 2018
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Hey everyone Pleased to let you know that Brian Schmidt will be joining us from Monday for a "mini" Q+A in the...

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Whitecat 24th August 2018
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Once again, Gearslutz is proud to be a partner with the brilliant GameSoundCon in Los Angeles - coming up in October! This is THE...

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Whitecat 22nd August 2018
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Searched but I haven't seen anything on this topic here... long post... forgive me... Lately, I've been seeing an upsurge of...

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thevisi0nary 6th March 2018
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I'm interested in composing for games, so i've been doing a bit or research into the field and process. I'm currently reading...

Liv Coen
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deekourtsman 6th January 2018
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Greetings all. Moving towards sound design for gaming, and hoping to get some direction! I've been into music for a few years,...

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tonejunkee 31st December 2017
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Hi VGM pals, my name is Joe Caithness and I'm usually found on the mastering forum, I am a mastering engineer of ten years and...

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Joe_caithness 7th December 2017
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Please check out this vid, and give me feedback if you can. I stripped the original audio and redid it. Never done game...

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Jonathan Race 29th November 2017
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Starts Tuesday over in the Immersive Audio forum - check it...

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Whitecat 21st October 2017
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Hello, this may be something a little off-topic but it still relates to audio, so I might as well give it a shot and ask some...

Deleted f864d52
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nonnaci 11th August 2017
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Hello, My name is Hristo Kolev, a student at “Manchester Midi School”, Manchester, UK and I will be graduating this August...

Chris Kolev
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Chris Kolev 2nd August 2017
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Hi everyone, New member here. Just joined today. Ive been studying music for several years but Ive never displayed my work...

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Jamseyire 6th June 2017
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Hi we did two Showcases or Playlists with alternate Gametrailermusic for Games like Detroit become Human, Deus Ex, Mass Effect,...

Herr Kaschke
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zacbarnes26 5th June 2017
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Deleted 462e3fe 29th April 2017
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For you guys who are in the business, I'd like to ask..... How do you start writing or composing for one particular game? I...

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mental.phantom 2nd February 2017
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Hello Shonka signing in. I want to remake BF 2 MEC theme, but I have simple questions about the creation etc. Who is the...

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shonka 23rd January 2017
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Whitecat 14th September 2016
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I'm sorry if it isn't the right place for asking this. I would like to ask for a specific SFX that I've been seeing and...

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mewthree 20th August 2016
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Whitecat 14th July 2016
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I have started to look more and more at making music for games, it looks really interesting and I know it is a fast-moving,...

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Solar Sailing 14th June 2016
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Hi guys, so I've come across game composing jobs a fair few times now as I'd like to have a go at it. I've done some film...

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PatrickFaith 15th May 2016
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So i will be composing and doing sound design with a fairly big coin op video game company and just wanted some general advice...

Xavier G
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Xavier G 13th May 2016
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In addition to being an electronic musician/producer he is also an accomplished game music creator! Hit him up with any...

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Whitecat 10th February 2016